The dog takes down another badguy

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Greg J.
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No I'm not talking about that dude with the huge thinning hair mullet and a fat wife with torpedo titties. I'm talking about an actual animal for which the word "Dog" is supposed to be used.

  • stompin78 July 1, 2007

    SICK BALLS........

    HA HA

  • deadfred July 1, 2007

    Yeah eat that gook up!!! CHINESE FOOD!!! The only problem is he will be hungry an hour later

  • st1d2db1 July 1, 2007


  • skinafuckerrus July 1, 2007

    chew that fucker fido

  • playwithit July 1, 2007

    that cop hit him with that baton pretty hard. i think he gonna fell that in a 6 by 9 cell

  • rodgtard July 1, 2007

    sickem!go bite that mutha fucka.dude had ahatchet and a knife on him.beat his ass with a night stick too. fuck the dirtbag pussy!

  • evilgenius July 1, 2007

    don't just stand there schnitzel breath, help out the dog

  • joecommonsense July 1, 2007


  • jgimages July 1, 2007

    it looks like at the end of the clip the dog is humping the dude........horny bastard

  • lickadslit July 2, 2007

    The boys in blue were taking no chances with the dangerous donut thief and turned out Rin Tin Tin

  • sleeko July 2, 2007

    Where's all the cop haters? Oh, my bad...those weren't "American" cops.

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