How not to test body armor

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Greg J.
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Usually when you are testing the effectiveness of a bulletproof vest it helps to hit the actual vest. The dude in this video testing the armor deserves to get kicked in the face anyways for trying something this stupid.

  • stompin78 July 1, 2007

    Thats what friends are for right??

  • deadfred July 1, 2007

    Thats the second time thats happened today

  • st1d2db1 July 1, 2007

    Hazing in the military is still here and going strong, here put on this helmet and flak vest while I kick you in the face...dumbass

  • skinafuckerrus July 1, 2007

    what are freinds for?borrow money,fuck your girl and most of all kick your fucking face

  • geargrinder65 July 1, 2007

    ^^^^ and don't forget..Never pay you back,get her pregnant..and oh yeah kick you in the face!!!

  • playwithit July 1, 2007

    fuck why do they always miss. hagi doesnt even miss

  • rodgtard July 1, 2007

    he deserved it for being stupid.but his buddy needs his ass stomped,cause that was on purpose.

  • evilgenius July 1, 2007

    The guy was covering his balls. Guess again when you come to.

  • kpax July 1, 2007

    And you wonder why we're still fuckin fightin this stupid ass war. This is pretty much akin to missing at point blank range.

  • joecommonsense July 1, 2007

    what is it with this self incrimmination video fads these days, and laughing while their killing somebody.

  • misterbriggs July 1, 2007

    hahahahahahaha retards

  • antediluvian July 1, 2007

    hahahah eat that you fucking dorky wannabe GI Joe cocksucking maggot

  • jgimages July 1, 2007

    you white guys are stupid

  • rodgtard July 2, 2007

    isnt this the time of year to go back accross the border jgi? yes this is when citizens of the U.S. celebrate,not fence hoppers.i quess if there were cameras south of the border we could watch beaners be stupid too!

  • lickadslit July 2, 2007

    Note to self ,butter roommates kitchen floor

  • sleeko July 2, 2007

    Jgi...Clear this up, for us. Are you a negro or a Mexican?

  • ugotdubbed July 2, 2007

    maybe shooting him in the chest woulda been more suffice wtf kicking the dude in the face has to do with testing body armor =/

  • lickasnatchie July 4, 2007

    thats what u get for eyeing up my girl

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