That's your ass lady!

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Greg J.
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I am well aware that pedestrians have the right of way but that is not excuse to go flying out in the middle of traffic. This is a perfect example. This lady gets hit by a car going at least 50mph and evaporates into a cloud of dust.

  • stompin78 July 1, 2007

    GOD DAMN!!!!! OUCH !!!

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  • st1d2db1 July 1, 2007

    That guys calling in life must be a hood ornament

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  • deadfred July 1, 2007

    Oh well one less gook to worry about

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  • skinafuckerrus July 1, 2007

    that fucking hurt.what the shurk is he shaying

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  • geargrinder65 July 1, 2007

    POOF!! Great magic trick!

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  • playwithit July 1, 2007

    did she honestly think she would make it accros. or did she think she was the flash.

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  • spearchucker July 1, 2007

    Turned into Chinese rice!

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  •   rodgtard July 1, 2007

    you could hit two a day for ten years and not put a dent in bike rider population.the cars need a gook deflector on the front

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  • kpax July 1, 2007

    Ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. At the bottom of the screen on the last run of the accident, you see the head of the other bicyclist peddling away. HAHAHAHAHA. He was like fuck this shit, I got 20 more deliveries to make. You know why I didn't get blasted......ancient Chinese secret.

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  • leebarnum July 1, 2007

    It's funny that the USA is one of the rare countries to use traffic lights.

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  • joecommonsense July 1, 2007

    i don't care what laws are in favor of pedestrians, moving metal vs flesh, i'm moving the fuk out of the way.

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  • breeze July 1, 2007


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  • hatedogs July 1, 2007

    deadfred wrote:

    "Oh well one less gook to worry about" Why do you worry about gooks, you goddamn bastard-fool?

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  • antediluvian July 1, 2007

    Note: The chinese bicycle is not greater then any kind of car. Dumb gook.

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  • lickadslit July 2, 2007

    I think I would set up a ramp and try to jump across that intersection before Id ride across it ,not that it would work but it sounds safer

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  • ugotdubbed July 2, 2007

    wooohoooo..nice thats getting some serious air time..cho yung yung shhwa chung choyoyo bunghole

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  • bennyblanco July 3, 2007

    why do you guys think cars were made to go as fast as they usually do?? do people really need to go over 80/90mph on a daily basis?? no. its just another form of population control

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  • lickasnatchie July 4, 2007

    kanichiwa bitch...kiss ur ass goodbye

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  • joecommonsense July 5, 2007

    lickadslit if you build a ramp that would be the equivalent of building walk bridges over roads in the US and thats against china rules cause they don't like doing what americans do.

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  • snapshot July 9, 2007

    I'm new too this sight and it appears to be almost a hate feast. Hatedog why do you feel that way? Have they done anything too you directly and if so are you a raciest? Have you considered professional help maybe you can call a private chat line to seek private help or therapy. I don't think you were raised too hate you just have adapted that trait.

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  • frank n. stein September 3, 2017

    Heesha sheeshu meesha cum ha shishu.

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