Fisheye lens and broken wrists

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Greg J.
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Those are two things you are bound to find in any good x-treme skateboarding video. Most of the kids who get hurt in these videos think they are making a sweet tape for sponsors. What they are really doing is making a blooper reel for us all to cringe at on the internet.

  • hitman1082001 July 9, 2007


    all that screaming for a broken fucking wrist..dumb shit ..should been his fucking neck...

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  • hatedogs July 9, 2007


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  • dj_busta_nutt July 9, 2007

    that dude sounded like a steer about to be branded.

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  • twistatoe July 9, 2007

    LOL, if you can't take the pain, then don't play the game little man!

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  • skoal36 July 9, 2007

    gonna have to use the other hand for yer monkey spankin

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  • skinafuckerrus July 9, 2007

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • geargrinder65 July 9, 2007

    This little punk moans better than the bitch gettin her asshole fucked!!! Maybe they should dubb it over.

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  • playwithit July 9, 2007

    you could use the audio of this to make a voice over for a porno

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  • rodgtard July 10, 2007

    yes is mr.PID there, first name STU. Im with the united dumb fucks of America and we were wondering if he would be president!

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  • spearchucker July 10, 2007

    Yup, He sounds O.K. to me. So just Chill, Chill, Chill.

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  • gilmertx July 10, 2007

    another dumbfuck border

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  • commoneagle July 13, 2007

    I was not going to make any more comments here but just have to say chill just chill fucking shut up with your just chill shit dude.... your not telling him anything he is not already doing... what else is he going to do but lay there at least untill he can collect his senses... oh well these skaters are fools down right fucking foolish shit to be doing no helmets no protection ....can you say stupid... no no chill just chill... whooo are you cool with your chill....

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