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Greg J.
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Well I guess watching rally cars would be fun if you have some type of suicidal tendency or enjoy being run over by vehicles travelling at high speed. Either way your ass is gonna get creamed if you show up to one of these moronic events.

  • mycool July 10, 2007

    first i can never get enough crashes

  • brainchowder July 10, 2007

    i can never get enough of dipshit people getting run over

  • tree88 July 10, 2007

    Mycool, you win again! Suck my dick

  • t_dog8 July 10, 2007

    Im starting to think those Rally cars love hitting people kinda like tornado's and trailer parks.....

  • 2indastink July 10, 2007

    4x4= rally car to the fucking head...simple math.

  • skoal36 July 10, 2007

    told the cabbie to get me to the airport and step on it

  • hatedogs July 10, 2007

    LOL, another foreign shitbox down the tubes. So sorry it couldn't t-bone a Mexican bubble top piece of shit chevrolet (pardon the redundancy)

  • sleeko July 10, 2007

    Low score. He only got one solid hit.

  • gilmertx July 10, 2007

    o shit its an aarp driver

  • lickadslit July 10, 2007

    Fuck it I'm taking the short cut ,I know its wrong ,Im doing it anyways

  • geargrinder65 July 10, 2007

    And people want to call Americans stupid???? At least we have brains enough to sit in the stands!

  • skinafuckerrus July 10, 2007

    that driver got no dick the night before and he decided to kill someone else

  • playwithit July 10, 2007


    doompadoomp splat.

  • crusaderrabbit July 10, 2007

    Exactly lickadslit. Can't a brother take a shortcut without having his driving skillz critized?

  • gilmertx July 12, 2007

    hay its ifuckdogs you see he thought he saw your ugly ass mom over there but he was wrong no horse just people

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