The old hovercraft on the sewer grate trick

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Greg J.
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These kids are going ot hell for making this girl ride her brand new hovercraft over a sewer grate but if they didn't do that then I wouldn't be giggling my ass off right now. Another great sacrifice made in the name of comedy.

  • dirtysanchez July 11, 2007


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  • lickadslit July 11, 2007

    Put a roll cage on that fucker and Ill buy one

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  • big_jeffrey72 July 11, 2007

    damn she got fucked

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  • t_dog8 July 11, 2007

    Ouch...That helmet didn't protect the face plant..

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  • gilmertx July 11, 2007

    fucking wannab jew

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  • playwithit July 11, 2007

    wanna be jew?


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  • elcoqui69 July 11, 2007

    what the fuck was that it seems like the human race is getting dumber by the second

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  • sleeko July 11, 2007


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  • madbasturd July 11, 2007

    what makes me larf is these eejits even have a world championship and thats hysterical, 20 morons going sideways at 40mph+ round fields and across lakes with not a fekin clue where they will end up

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  • dingleberry July 11, 2007

    I would like to have one of those hovercrafts. Looks to me like a leaf blower and a giant frisbee turned upside down. Who knows how to build something like this, or do I have to order the plans for Boys Life magazine?

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  • youngblood48 July 11, 2007

    manhole covers got holes in em bitch.....

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  • tweek312 July 11, 2007

    I saw that coming a mile away... but then again I had the benefit of a title.

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  • crusaderrabbit July 11, 2007

    Exactly dingleberry, I remember these from the ads in the back of Boys Life too.

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  • evilgenius July 11, 2007

    Mythbusters did it too. Only problem is that ya can't steer.

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  • hatedogs July 11, 2007

    playwithit wrote: wanna be jew? please. No kidding. It looks like permatex has aquired a new word with no earthly idea of what it means, but he can, at least, handly its spelling. Let's face it: this little scumfuck -- permatex -- ain't gonna play in important role in our culture, and not even in his own family. With any luck, he won't live long enough for his tortured little nuts to drop.

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  • carnutts4sure July 12, 2007

    I thought it was kinda cool myself until she did the face plant . I'm going to cut a hole in a trashcan lid in the morning and get out the leaf blower my damn self ! I gotta try this shit out or I won't be able to sleep again .

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  • gilmertx July 12, 2007

    hay ifuckdogs dont be mad cuz the only thang you can joke on me bout is my spelling im relifed that you took your mouth off your moms dick to talk shit i thought you were bout to pass out o yea i forgot your moms dead i ran that ugly horse lookin bitch down in your pos ford haha no but forreal shes dead

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  • skoal36 July 12, 2007

    damnit saw that intersection and was expecting a red circle or arrow

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  • rodgtard July 12, 2007

    an E for effort,an F for GODAMN FUNNY!!!!

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