Dental work ain't cheap

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Greg J.
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So if I ever have kids I'm gonna make them walk everywhere so they don't get any stupid ideas like this. Once you start doing tricks on a bike your just asking for a concrete eating session.

  • mycool July 13, 2007

    was doin good til he found that wall hahahh

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  • lickadslit July 13, 2007

    What a dumb fuck how could he expect anything but that to happen

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  • rodgtard July 13, 2007

    my son about a year ago was riding with a friend no fancy shit, but not paying attention.he turned to say something to his buddy,and when he turned back, BLAM! head-on into a telephone pole!waisted the front rim and fork,and almost cracked his helmut into.knocked him out,but a trip to the hospital showed nothing permanent.i used to fuck with him,calling him a pussy for wearing a helmut,but he sure proved my dumbass wrong!

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  • big_daddy305 July 13, 2007

    It's always cool to make fun of your own offspring for following safety rules. I call my kids chicken shits whenever they wear their seatbelts. Asshole. Glad your son came out of it nothing permanent. And this kid should've hit the back brakes and gone down a little slower. He probably broke some bone in his face.

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  • sleeko July 13, 2007

    Guess this guy found out, that breaks don't work so good on stairs.

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  • t_dog8 July 13, 2007

    HEY!!! Who put that wall there???

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  • playwithit July 13, 2007

    dugadugadugadugadugadugadugaduga smack. into th walll

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  • hatedogs July 13, 2007

    LOL! When impressing the girls goes wrong, it can cost you five more years with no pussy. Little bastard got preciesly what he had coming.

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  • joecommonsense July 13, 2007

    i take it he was a doorstep away from the last day of school? or just his last day.

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  • tweek312 July 13, 2007

    I go down stairs on my bike all the time... this kid was just an idiot.

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  • elcoqui69 July 13, 2007

    you know this i a perfect example of a dumb fuck,oh and my sons three he still got the training weels on and man if he gets his oldmans luck for getting intoo shit i feel sorry for him beacause i cant even remeber how many times ive busted my ass on a bike

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  • gilmertx July 14, 2007

    that was ifuckdogs at his bets lil horse fucker

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  • hatedogs July 14, 2007

    gilmertx wrote:

    that was ifuckdogs at his bets lil horse fucker - - - - More evidence that public education has hit a serious snag.

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  • busanut199 July 17, 2007

    use the back break when riding down hill.

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