Which way did he go george?

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Greg J.
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These mo's are doing tricks on their bike when one of them trys to pull off what looks to be a reverse wheelie and ends up wiping out both riders. One of the riders gets up and looks like he's ready to knock someone out but there is nobody to be found because the guy who hit his bike is sleeping on the floor underneath it.

  • stompin78 July 15, 2007

    Fight fight fight!!!!

    Wheres the fight?

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  • neotech July 15, 2007


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  • hatedogs July 15, 2007

    Jap bike boogie.

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  • leatherhead July 15, 2007

    more dumbass retards

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  •   rodgtard July 15, 2007

    the guy in the background was standing over the front wheel of his bike.what did he think was gonna happen?If you play your gonna pay.

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  • gilmertx July 15, 2007

    dued that got hit liiked like he was gona fuck someone up also xgames 2010 bike-a-polt that guy needs more pratice but he wedged the landing under the compation

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  • geargrinder65 July 15, 2007

    Rerun, but still funny!

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  • elcoqui69 July 15, 2007

    that why the only time i show off is when i turn off the t.v.

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  • sleeko July 16, 2007

    The video stopped right before the part, where helper by-stander trys to pick up the bike, while the rear wheel is spinning like mad and....well you get the picture.

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  • busanut199 July 19, 2007

    Im with you slko, as the nob-end came from the right side & go fucked up.

    Doing wheelies dont do nothing for me, having a cam on the tank doing between 120-185mph on a run for somewhere thats say 80miles away is a target! so maybe i should get a cam bracket, but if i recorded it ide be paying fines. hayabusa.

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  • d90girl June 8, 2008

    WTF !!!!????

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