Hands down stupidest kid on earth

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Greg J.
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I've seen some morons in my time but this putz takes the cake. The guy actually puts his face in front of a streaming firework which is about as hot as the sun. After they finish grafting the rest of his ass skin to his face he'll realize he might be the stupidest kid ever.

  • aussiedoc July 22, 2007

    fuck my 1st

  • snaggletooth July 22, 2007

    WTF?? like lookin down a gun barrel before ya pull da trigger. what a dumbfuck!!

  • stompin78 July 22, 2007

    Damn that must hurt . .

  • geargrinder65 July 22, 2007

    ^^^^^^noooooo really??????? lol

  • big-e July 22, 2007

    must be ifuckdogsjr stupid cunt

  • rodgtard July 22, 2007

    that shit is so bright i imagine he fucked his eyes up.im sure somebody has to tell him to put shoes on too.

  • curator134 July 22, 2007

    normal american thick as fuck

  • sleeko July 22, 2007

    Darwin Award nominee..

  • evilgenius July 22, 2007

    sleeko, shitlooker, I'm with you both. so what am I doing here?

  • joecommonsense July 22, 2007

    aw hell i'll vote for him.

  • skinafuckerrus July 23, 2007

    ^^^^^He's waiting for you to pass the bong so as he can complete the job.

  • skoal36 July 23, 2007

    suprised that the dipshit could even master lighting the bic in the first place

  • goergebush July 23, 2007

    ..fucking White People..

  • crusaderrabbit July 23, 2007

    It's a video of curator134, and he told me he was pissed because it went off in his face before he could stuff it between his buttcheeks for a proper launch.

  • hatorihynzo July 23, 2007

    Should of been dumbfuck of the week

  • skull13 July 25, 2007

    You know that explosion at the gas station last week? It was this kid.

    He had a cigarette in his face while filling his car up & decided to look down in the tank to see if the gas was going in.

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