My buddy the 1,000 pound crocodile

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Greg J.
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Usually crocodiles are known more for eating your neighbors dog than they are for companionship. Somehow this guy managed to get a crocodile tame enough to stick his head inside it's mouth. I thought I remember crocodile's being really agressive and alligators being the more tame of the two. Maybe they got it mixed up or something?

  • chuckj892 July 23, 2007


  • sleeko July 23, 2007

    sooner or later, we'll get the really good video.

  • rodgtard July 23, 2007

    ^^^^^^^^you got that right^^^^^^^^

  • lickadslit July 23, 2007

    Not even if ya pulled all of the fuckers teeth out

  • anditronic July 23, 2007

    cant wait for the sequel wh

    ere he emerges from its arsehole in bits

  • skinafuckerrus July 23, 2007

    what a waste of a good....................ah fuck,eat him leezer.

  • 2indastink July 23, 2007

    agreed......pile of shit vid again!!!......have another famous last words quote instead.....Rodgers, James W. ( -1960) [American criminal]

    "Why yes, a bullet-proof vest!"

    (Last request before the firing squad.).....happy monday all!!!!!

  • skoal36 July 23, 2007

    no wonder the animal stays the fucker rolls him over and got with the head

  • goergebush July 23, 2007

    ..stupid fucking mexican..

  • evilgenius July 23, 2007

    What do you call a jerk that sticks his head in a crocks mouth thinking its tame? LUNCH!!

  • crusaderrabbit July 23, 2007

    Guy is a total shithead. Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan should open a sideshow act where they stick each other's heads in the mouths of 1000lb crocs. That would be an even better video.

  • joecommonsense July 23, 2007

    ^^got polyps??

  • imbetu July 24, 2007

    That gator owes him a blow job... or vise versa..hmm???

  • hatedogs July 24, 2007

    "Usually crocodiles are known more for eating your neighbors dog than they are for companionship." That's good enough to make me like 'em quite a bit. What an idea: import a crock and dump his stupid ass behind my neighbor's yap dog fence. Maybe it would chomp the fuck out of his hellions too.

  • pablosdog July 25, 2007

    goergebush, Costa Rica is a long ways from Mexico shit-for-brains.

  • goergebush July 26, 2007

    -"fuckadog" congrats on your geography expertise!

    I think when ever I'd like to know where a video is made..I'll summon you..till then though, keep my dick out your mouth.

  • xcookiesx January 10, 2009

    yea...until that fucker snaps one day

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