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These guys take a propane tank out to the middle of a lake and then row their boat away before their buddies shoot. Seems like good fun till the propane tank flies into the air like cheap fireworks and spins halfway across the lake. The guys in this video were laughing but if that propane tank would have gone their direction it would have been a lot less comical.

  • chuckj892 July 23, 2007


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  • sleeko July 23, 2007

    Ok, they got away with it, once. They'll keep doing now, until something goes really wrong. Then we'll get the good video.

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  • lickadslit July 23, 2007

    ^^ Amen to that^^They wont quit until somebody gets hurt and the potential is there

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  •   rodgtard July 23, 2007

    ive shot the small propane cans,but they were empty and it did nothing.we filled a freon tank with water and it split open pretty explosively.but a 20lb. propane tank,im glad we never tried that one

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  • skinafuckerrus July 23, 2007

    that would of made good video if they bombed themselves,shoot it,boooom.

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  • 2indastink July 23, 2007

    yes, i've had the same problem with water under the blank. Thats the price you pay for having cheaper rods. Mine also got under the whipping of the line clip as well ( must have created a gap in the whipping when i used the line clip). looks horrid when it rained or early morning . I heard in my tackle shop that someone used to fish a water with their tips under the water, looked like the rod had been sand blasted after a short amount of time. They did sawp em out though but there were almost new. I have FreeSpirit rods now, they are not varnished so it may not happen to them, but im not taking any chances,. I always wipe my rods when they go away and even let them dry with the rod holdall open when i get home after heavy rain. Your best bet is to send the tips off to greys for replacement and not dip the tips again. I dont think you will stop it as the varnish gets chipped through normal wear ( ie proping up against bivvy etc) and then the water can get in.

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  • skoal36 July 23, 2007

    shitlooker give michael jay fox a break or give him a shot of jack who aint had the shakes

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  • goergebush July 23, 2007

    ..fucking White People...and what in the fuck is 2indastink fuckin talkin about??

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  • kpax July 23, 2007

    2indastink is babbling like a fuckin 90 year old POW. Shut the fuck up and just tell me your name, rank and serial number.

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  • crusaderrabbit July 23, 2007

    It would have been funnier if he had been straddling it under his balls when it went off. That's what real rednecks do, not wannabes like this.

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  • joecommonsense July 23, 2007

    I think the distance the tank went is how far it would've gone if it completely exploded in pieces where explosions happen in spherical projectiles, then they'd just tell mommy they were shaving in the woods.

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  • commoneagle July 24, 2007

    shitlooker wrote:

    The fucking dickhead holding the camera either needs a gyroscope attached to his camera, or has to stand on solid ground. I nearly got seasick just watching theclip!

    ........................................... ................michael j fox could to a better job on his worst day with his disease..... this was not cool to put up with all that crap... cut to the chase and don't be a dumass with the camera in the first plase.. i total agree shitlooker...

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  • dinghole July 25, 2007

    they need to get layed

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