A whole case of whoop ass

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Greg J.
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This Rapist in Malaysia will surely think twice before forcing himself on anyone else. And from the looks of his ass he won't be sitting down any time soon either.

  • budz4me July 30, 2007

    they should castrate them sorry fuckers

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  • lickadslit July 30, 2007

    Cant help butt wonder what kept that from hurting

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  • chimichanga July 30, 2007

    PHOTOSHOP !!!!

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  • nutty July 30, 2007

    Put some salt & lemon juice on them wounds,That'll teach the CUNT

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  • sleeko July 30, 2007

    That's all you get for rape? Too dramatic. Just shoot the fucktard in the head.

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  • geargrinder65 July 30, 2007

    That's gonna leav....never mind!!!

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  • skoal36 July 30, 2007

    diagonal takes the square

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  •   big_daddy305 July 30, 2007

    Based on the already healed scars, I would wager to say that this isn't the first time he's been caned. And chimichanga... shut the fuck up with your "PHOTOSHOP !!!" bullshit.

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  •   rodgtard July 30, 2007

    big_daddy305 ,chimichangas cock is photoshopped on his crotch.ists really a pussy!

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  • carnutts4sure July 30, 2007

    I was about to say the same thing big_d . Looks like this sorry fuck didn't learn the first time around . The second time they should turn that motherfucker around dick first and see how he likes raping again !

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  • joecommonsense July 30, 2007

    is that one lash he gets for every thrust he gave? what's the rulebook here i only get to see TV where people get paid millions of dollars for ass beatings like hocky and football.

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  • skinafuckerrus July 30, 2007

    i thought allahs snackbar meant something totally different not god you are ripping me a new asshole.the first hit he was confident,the third hit he would of sucked all the cocks in cairo to be spared that pizzzzzzzap that fourth one he didnt cry for god country or his babuska.please haheeb i would suck your shit wiping hand,just spare me the rod.

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  • hatedogs July 30, 2007

    Note that this punishment is carried out at a miniscule fraction of the cost of housing and feeding one of these shitbags in prison for decades. So since this punishment is too "barbaric" for western sensitivities, we endure rape. The question is, of course, which of the two scenarios is the more barbaric. Even someone from Texas could probably figure that out.

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  • twistatoe July 30, 2007

    ^^ I agree shitlooker. To all these caught red-handed child molesters, or admitted on tape child molesters, if the child is under 13, they should get a mandatory dick choppin' off. They're never better..they will always molest or rape again. It's an issue with their brain. I think they should just cut their dick off for taking the innocents of a child. Just my opinion.

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  • juggalo_4lyf July 30, 2007

    lol listen to see you in hell by grim reaper and watch this at the same time...its scary how they sorta go together lol

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  • oasisjb July 30, 2007

    This was just a demo tape that you can watch at your local best buy to see how well the lcd screen looks...lmao

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  • kpax July 30, 2007

    Why are the words "demo" on the screen? Was this an instructional video and that fool just some dumb schmuck underpaid actor?

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  • tweek312 July 31, 2007

    Suck it up you pussy.

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  • masterstone July 31, 2007

    three thoughts:

    1) no assless chaps for this guy

    2) that is how you tear an ass up

    3) i bet the rate of recitivism is very low in malaysia.

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  • chewie July 31, 2007

    It would have been better if it was across the fuckers face..

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  • skull13 August 1, 2007

    No means no dumb-ass!!! I bet you'll get the point now when she says NO!!!

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  • tinkdaddy October 11, 2007

    maybe that is why i've never been in any serious trouble...my parents whipped my ass EVERY time it needed it...maybe more parents ought to quit sparing the rod and spoiling their children...hmm

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  • spacelegged December 27, 2008

    whoopit good...turn that bitch around and start whooping too, mangle his raper stick

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