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Greg J.
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This camerman at the X-games is so extreme he winds up getting hit by the bikes. He was always known for wanting to get close to the action and a motorcycle tire to the face is just one step closer to his dream.

  • dirtysanchez August 6, 2007


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  • lickadslit August 6, 2007

    Shit I thought most of the newer cameras had telephoto lenses on them why get in the fucking way ..Fuck him serves him right

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  • jomomma August 6, 2007

    Golf might be a better sport to be a cameraman. Watch out for those fuckin balls though..."FOOOOUURRRR!!!"

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  • skoal36 August 6, 2007

    money bet ray mopet has a mullet and a rubber in his wallet that aint seen the light of day since it was put there

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  •   rodgtard August 6, 2007

    i had no idea the neck could bend that far,DAMN!

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  • spearchucker August 6, 2007

    Ha Ha Next time move dumb ass

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  • crusaderrabbit August 6, 2007

    Come on, chicks dig guys with motorcycle treadmarks across their faces.

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  • juggalo_4lyf August 6, 2007

    his necc went total vert duuude!

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  • evilgenius August 6, 2007

    There's Ray Moffit throwing the vertabre, dont you mean?

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  • skinafuckerrus August 7, 2007

    everytime he see's a camera hes gonna put on a helmet strip off all his clothing run to a corner in the room and chant:Wheeeels wheeeels wheeeels.

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  • masterstone August 7, 2007

    that really kawasuckys for the cameraman.

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  • blaed August 11, 2007

    he wasn't 'throwing an X', the guy was hallucinating being rammed by another bike and was trying to block it.

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