Wall of Death

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Greg J.
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I can't understand how the guys in the middle of this so called "Wall of Death" manage to remain calm while some crazy lady is riding horizontally on a wall next to them with no hands. One false move and this attraction turns into the "Pit of Death.

  • lickadslit August 8, 2007

    looks like a fucked up hamster cadge

  • 2indastink August 8, 2007

    proof.....women cant ride bikes.

  • amazon02 August 8, 2007

    i'd feel saver in there than in the 'Ball of Death' with 6 other bikers whizzin round my head

  • sleeko August 8, 2007

    I used to go to the Long Beach Pike and watch that same routine, 50 years ago.

  • rodgtard August 8, 2007

    i gotta go lay down.i feel sick.

  • busanut199 August 8, 2007

    I went to the rock n blues camping for 3 days in derbyshire uk, & they had the globe there only about 3 mitres wide & they had a dude blasting around in it on a 380 gas gas doing 180s 360s, then a chick on a scrambler got in & they both were crossing each others path then like dog fighting each other, fair play to that, they were pulling 5 G!!! A fighter pilot pulls around 4 G.

    Also the red line inside lets the rider know whether he`s upside down or not as your brain gets dissorientated.

  • sleeko August 8, 2007

    busanut199... Maybe a British fighter pilot pulls 4 G's. America F16's pull over 6. But then again, we do own the sky.....Boo Yahhh!

  • ronsxi August 8, 2007

    wtf no blood?

  • spearchucker August 8, 2007


  • skinafuckerrus August 8, 2007

    well that proves it for me,you fuckers are CRAZY MAN!!!!

  • juggalo_4lyf August 8, 2007

    thats nutz!!!!!1

  • skoal36 August 8, 2007

    damn that chick has balls

  • anonwhocares August 8, 2007

    thats how homer won his truck

  • twistatoe August 8, 2007

    That was a dude with long biker hair..and I don't think it was blonde..it looked white to me.

    But that's just my observation!

  • tribalattack August 8, 2007

    it just looks hard. its actually not that hard. centripetal force doesnt allow you to fall

  • crusaderrabbit August 8, 2007

    I want to see a helmet-cam from one of these performers.

  • bigcack August 9, 2007

    lame...post the vid where she flies out of the top and takes out the cameraman

  • gakman August 17, 2007

    well mr. intelligence you show me where a person on a motorcycle pulls more Gs then a pilot. PLEASE, because that will be the first time ever. I am sure it will break all laws of physics, too. So, when that happens let me know. Retard.

  • busanut199 August 17, 2007

    If you refere to me as a retard your wrong cos that guy in that 3 metre BALL not wall that i was watching 6ft away was pulling 3g not 5, typing error.

    So go & eat my ass retard

  • freddog June 16, 2009

    what no one got hurt, man that sucks!

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