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Usually when you see a crowd of people getting plowed into by a automobile it's some kind of rally car race. This time it seems to be some kind of fruit truck race. The driver loses control and winds up getting at least a spare.

  • dagun August 15, 2007

    thats going to leave a scar

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  • st1d2db1 August 15, 2007

    Dumb Ass

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  • lickadslit August 15, 2007

    roll the fucker over ,load the dumb fucks you just killed in the back and get em out of here before they get to stinking we've got a race going on here.

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  • skinafuckerrus August 15, 2007

    is it me or are they making rally cars bigger to wipe out more mofo's

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  •   rodgtard August 15, 2007

    it was skinfuckerrous chewed on cisco and embalming fluid twacked out of his mind driving for jesus!

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  • spearchucker August 15, 2007

    Next time buy yourself a horn at hornblasters dumbass.

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  • tribalgoonerbo August 15, 2007

    Heeeey!!!! All those motherfuckers are running over yonder to grab the poor dead fuckers shoes!!!!

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  • dragonpyre August 15, 2007

    you know whats funny.all the people ran in the street this way when the next truck comes around the turn it plows into the crowd.

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  • sleeko August 15, 2007

    I'm trying figure out why the fucktard, lost control. No curves, bumps, etc...WTF? Ahhhh..Cellphone.

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  • skoal36 August 15, 2007

    looks like the chuck wagon i get lunch from at work, now i see why he was late today

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  • crusaderrabbit August 15, 2007

    ^^^ skinafuckerrus that's the first mildly amusing thing I've ever heard you say. Congratulations! Keep up the study and hard work, and after a few more years of crazyshit practice you may actually come up with an undeniably humorous statement.

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  • joecommonsense August 16, 2007

    The driver and passenger were ok, but they had about 10 decapitated heads laying in their laps and a few heads shoved up in the front window like a bitch with her puppet frogs and unicorns.

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  • kpax August 16, 2007

    Every time I watch ESPN's Cross The Border Rally, this shit happens; oversteering.

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  • skinafuckerrus August 16, 2007

    sorry guys but my cock is sore from laying the pipe to you pink chalupas all day long,in fact i'm so sore,i am to wornout to give you the proper go suck your momma,or drink your pappi.i apologize for not respecting your right to breath.

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  • busanut199 August 17, 2007

    Good crowd control!!!

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  • demona5150 August 17, 2007


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