Face meet floor

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Greg J.
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Nothing like getting extreme and winding up smashing your face into the dirt. It's like god's little reminder that just because you got a job that gives you a little extra spending cash doesn't mean you can get a bike and go jumping off cliff like an asshole.

  • skoal36 August 16, 2007

    smooth motherfucker there

  • 2indastink August 16, 2007

    FAKE.....and shit.

  • cockyass August 16, 2007

    i dont think it was fake i think he would have made it if the dumbass camera guy didnt leave his bike in the way

  • psyrat August 16, 2007

    did you see that guys in the back?

  • lickadslit August 16, 2007

    Hell of a place to park a bike

  • sleeko August 16, 2007

    Dumbass, wasn't committed. If he wasn't trying to be sooo careful, he'd made it over that bike......Then he would have done a header, in the ditch.

  • skinafuckerrus August 16, 2007

    fucked around and broke his ice.

  • jomomma August 16, 2007

    I disagree...he was committed...to cracking his face. stupid asshole.

  • darthmauled August 16, 2007

    fucker broke my bike...

  • playwithit August 16, 2007

    dammit bill i told you not... look at my handle bars! LOOK AT THEM!

  • crusaderrabbit August 16, 2007

    It's a new Olympic event: Extreme Faceplanting.

  • joecommonsense August 18, 2007

    that must have been a female.

  • cellule August 26, 2007

    ...he would have bailed anyways.. just to see how he popped-up, the damned handlebar kept us from seeing a really nice bail.

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