Sinking the pong su

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Greg J.
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The Australian government was a little pissed when this freighter was caught brining in a couple hundred tons of heroin so they decided to deal with it the only way a good Aussie knows how. Blow it up!

  • tonytkt August 19, 2007


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  • skinafuckerrus August 19, 2007

    bye bye dope

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  • trippy August 19, 2007

    and thats the reason why I wont go on a cruise ship.

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  • jomomma August 19, 2007

    Scuba gear...check. Passport...check. Plane ticket...check. Trip to bottom of the oceans to recover a couple tons of dope...check. High as a kite...check.

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  • crusaderrabbit August 19, 2007

    ^^^trippy wrote:

    and thats the reason why I wont go on a cruise ship.^^^ Huh? Because you're afraid the Australians will blow up your cruise ship? wtf?

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  • tweek312 August 19, 2007

    Drugs are bad... but boy are they fun!

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  • pellit August 19, 2007

    n1 smack eds r bad ummmmmmmmmmmmm k

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  •   rodgtard August 19, 2007

    okay,did they leave the drugs,and or crew on board when it was bombs away?i would think leaving the parties responsible for the dope on board would send a helluva message!or put a bunch of insurgents on it,drop a pork fat bomb first then,,,,,BOOOOOM! bla ha ha ha ha !

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  • playwithit August 19, 2007


    i bet someone in the air was thinking.

    i should went and grabbed some. Dammit!

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  • skinafuckerrus August 20, 2007

    dont they know all that dope could've gotten alot of aborigine's outta da ghetto....errr, desert!!!

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  • darki August 20, 2007

    true c.c

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  • sleeko August 20, 2007

    I like the fact that they blew it up, but they should have blown it up in the harbor from wince it came.

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  • joecommonsense August 20, 2007

    that was a joint operation, the pilot was Chinese. wtf?

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  • leopard August 21, 2007

    When the shit starts hitting the fan think alot of people will be suprised by the amount of friends the Diggers will have.

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  • pearlbeater August 22, 2007

    It was only 275 pounds..... And they blew it up # YEARS after they caught it... After storing it at 2,500 dollars a DAY.....

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