Push it to the limit

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Greg J.
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The body always knows when something is bad for you even if you mind doesn't. That's why you have these awesome automatic reflexes like shitting your pants or puking your brains out lifting weights you know who is really the boss.

  • peoplevshoople August 26, 2007

    first bitches

  • skinafuckerrus August 26, 2007

    looks like he sharted coming up

  • rodgtard August 26, 2007


  • 2indastink August 26, 2007


  • djdynasty August 26, 2007

    WTF???? times 2..............PHOTOSHOP

  • peoplevshoople August 26, 2007

    ^^^I knew I would be able to pull you from between your sisters legs Peep. unfortunately the people on here know that you are peeple and I am people so nice try and by the way your sister's crotch is starting to dry up so put your face back down there:-)

  • pablosdog August 27, 2007

    all I saw was him wobble a little bit on the lift. did something else happen?

  • crusaderrabbit August 27, 2007

    I didnt see anything either. Too low-res.

  • mayorofawesome August 28, 2007

    I couldnt see anything happen either.

  • thespider January 31, 2010

    As he was coming uo he began to lean forward which takes the legs out of the squat and puts the lower back in .What you seen was his back pop.

  • busanut199 April 11, 2010

    I didnt see shit either.

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