All debts are settled

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Greg J.
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One hundred dollars is a lot of money but when you consider the amount of pain that taser puts you in it might even motivate you to get a job and pay the money back. This guy chose the taser over paying money he owed to his friend. I don' think he'll be making that mistake again any time soon.

  • lickadslit August 27, 2007

    A taser looks like it would be a handy tool for getting free drinks at the bar.

  • skinafuckerrus August 27, 2007

    i want one bad as hell.

  • skoal36 August 27, 2007

    sweet ass robot dance

  • shiznitshabam August 27, 2007

    ^^He does got some skills!!^^

  • sarahkins August 27, 2007

    that was funny as hell lol

  • twistatoe August 27, 2007

    WTF? Great!!! Now we're gonna have crazy assholes tazerin' our cops when they pull them over. Fuck. How do people get these cop-strength tasers?? :( Pisses me off, those kind of tasers have saved cops countless lawsuits and lives. Now that even drunk assholes have them, it's all for not. :(

  • theblob06 August 27, 2007

    did he say flag or fag? I think the cops otta deliver them tazer shots with a shotgun.

  • crusaderrabbit August 27, 2007

    $100? Hell I would have tazed him for free!

  • nokillingme August 27, 2007

    Im glad he went for the tazer.

  • juggalo_4lyf August 28, 2007

    i woulda been funnier if he shat himself! lol

  • big_daddy305 August 28, 2007

    Now he can say he made a $100.00 in a matter of seconds AND did the Electric Bugaloo at the same time!

  • joecommonsense August 29, 2007

    hahahahahahahahahahaha, BANG BANG............i just shot his pimp ass.

  • commoneagle August 29, 2007

    maybe i have evolved past it or sothing but i can not see humor in somones pain.. it just is not funny to see some one get hurt..

  • snortaline August 29, 2007


  • skinafuckerrus August 31, 2007

    drunk cops tazing their friends,gotta love it.

  • xcookiesx January 31, 2009

    do the robot

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