Traffic Trouble

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Greg J.
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What are the odds that the moment this news broadcast is watching the road a car gets plowed into from behind. At least we know they aren't lying on those traffic reports anymore.

  • wackyman October 2, 2007

    MAYBE 1ST?

  • badass1 October 2, 2007

    I like the pics of semi-naked chicks up the side of the screen.

  • chuud2002 October 2, 2007

    Built ford to"buuuurrrrrrrttttt SMASH"ugh.

  • sleeko October 2, 2007

    Hey, and it's not even in LA

  • fatpizzaguy October 2, 2007

    i bet it was a female driver talking on a damn cell phone!

  • busanut199 October 2, 2007

    the built in sid snatch muff at the side of the screen puts me off too, i clicked to see a dude fucking the arm chair? whats all the (dont wait to get laid shit) i only wanted to see my email... but my crazy favourite came first..

  • geargrinder65 October 2, 2007

    Badass1...stick to the subject at hand....oh wait.....oh never mind.....

  • thetruthbehere October 3, 2007

    seen this couple of weeks ago on liveleak.

  • monster750 October 3, 2007

    lol women aren't the only bad drivers on cell phones. I see stupid white people tailgating on their cell phones as well and not knowing what the hell they're doing.

  • doobie October 3, 2007


  • snaggletooth October 3, 2007


  • misterbriggs October 3, 2007

    hey doobie, what's not gay to you? two men giving each other anal ???

  • sl October 5, 2007

    Bad drivers! Yeah i now...Know shit! Just come here where its a retirement town, that shit is nothing special here.

  • ikill October 5, 2007

    lmao that one person didnt give a shit at all just weave on through and go to work.

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