More guts than brains

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Greg J.
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Cliff diving is another one of those sports where mistakes could mean people picking up pieces of your body that got smashed on the rocks below. I'll stick to cannonballs at the local piss filled public pools.

  • lickadslit October 22, 2007

    Not unless I stepped on a big fucking snake

  • fuckedinfresno October 22, 2007

    Even then I'd take the fucking bite. My ass would be impaled on that outcroping.

  • biggibbhomie October 22, 2007

    I do shit like this all the time, except the rock is like a-hundred times smaller and I wear floaties on my arms...

  • 2indastink October 22, 2007

    i fucking hate all these cunts who do shit like this....lets hope theres a big cunting shark to eat the prick......but i hate mondays more.

  • thetruthbehere October 22, 2007

    yea..Mondays bite

  • honkey69 October 22, 2007


  • jomomma October 22, 2007

    how did he rotate around so slowly? it almost looked like he was in slow motion. haha...happy monday shitholes!

  • sleeko October 22, 2007

    I jumped off shit that high, a hundred times. You learn, very quick to grab your nads, before you hit the water.

  • skoal36 October 22, 2007

    lickadslit have you been drinking at the lake again

  • godless1 October 22, 2007

    I was hoping for broken bones and carnage! damn! you guys disappoint me again

  • seanyboy October 22, 2007

    Tombstoning Mexicans tryin to get into America...

  • magnumjack October 22, 2007

    i piss in the ocean all the time, the hot water feeling in the ocean the same as in the pool.

  • ballsackly October 22, 2007

    What happened to Jim?

    Well he took a dive off Horses-ass rock and smashed his face into the cornhole.

  • skinafuckerrus October 22, 2007

    he just found a big snake in his wife attached to carnutts and couldn't stand the site of his hairy ass.hey nutty.

  • hillbilly2001 October 23, 2007

    if he walked away, the video is gay

  • rush October 23, 2007

    ...was that micheal jackson showing off again!

  • tookalook October 23, 2007

    would have been better if his face scraped rock all the fucking way down... and then a big cunting shark bit his nuts off with rusty teeth.....I think people in here are starting to affect me?

  • hatedogs October 24, 2007

    Holy fuck.

  • joecommonsense October 24, 2007

    that looked like a female.

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