Born to ride

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Greg J.
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Being a monkey has it's advantages. None of them are shown here in this video. I'd like to push that asshole around with a stick for a while and see how much he feels. Then I'm gonna watch the monkeys some more cuz that shit is awesome.

  • 2indastink October 23, 2007

    i prefer dogs on skateboards wearing sunglasses.

  • jomomma October 23, 2007

    what a waste of fucking time

  • lickadslit October 23, 2007

    Those little nigger kids are so cute when they are little.

  • snaggletooth October 23, 2007


  • thetruthbehere October 23, 2007

    Curious George's cousin

  • gurtman23 October 23, 2007

    thats China one child law, you have to make do with a couple of monkeys, the family portrait can be a bit odd.

  • Jay D. October 23, 2007

    wow, that was lame! Please tell Greg that this shit sucks, Gregj@crazyshit come one people, let him know he needs to step up the videos that are getting on here!!!

  • seanyboy October 23, 2007

    Which ones the monkey?

  • godless1 October 23, 2007

    ^^^they are both monkeys and so are we, anyone else want a banana

  • graveyard October 23, 2007

    That was dumb... {Slings poo at Greg}

  • rush October 24, 2007 a fit of rage, the monkeys decided to throw there bikes up their trainers ass!!

  • burndog65ca October 24, 2007

    Greg, get off the bike!!!

  • hatedogs October 24, 2007

    Monkeys are quite a bit like certain minority groups in our land.

  • joecommonsense October 24, 2007

    i wanna see the clip of the crazy ones that made some guy jump off the balcony and die.

  • hagusbenwa October 25, 2007

    They ate all the dogs so now they are using monkeys

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