Little car of horrors

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Greg J.
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I don't know why but this guys destroyed head ball looks like the plant from that movie "Little Shop of Horrors". Apparently it helps to pay attention to soldiers from an invading army before trying to drive your car past them. Lets hope someone has your fingerprints.

  • 2indastink October 24, 2007

    i was eating my fucking dinner.....cheers.

  • pellit October 24, 2007

    do you think he or she is ok

  • spearchucker October 24, 2007

    What was he saying??? Nice Halloween prank.

  • jomomma October 24, 2007

    you think he woke up this morning thinking, "by the end of the day my head will look like a fucked up watermelon"?

  • rush October 24, 2007

    I do not think a band aid is going to help!!

  • lickadslit October 24, 2007

    He really didn't have anything on his mind and couldn't think of a thing to do off the top of his head.

  • sleeko October 24, 2007

    Nice shot. Never heard it coming.

  • skoal36 October 24, 2007

    antonio you drive us to the pasta resteranta

  • burndog65ca October 24, 2007

    fucken arabs man

  • seanyboy October 24, 2007

    Theres a holy man if ever ive seen one...

  • drummerguybrad October 24, 2007

    Hmmm, let me guess the victim tried to speak English, overloaded his brain and it walked right out of his head

  • hillbilly2001 October 24, 2007

    That happened to me once. Only my head looked even worse than that. I was able to drive to the hospital.

  • godless1 October 24, 2007

    when I say whoa! I MEAN WHOA!!!!

  • doctordetroit October 24, 2007

    ant that is why you should never try to sneeze with your eyes open

  • joecommonsense October 25, 2007

    walk it off!

  • soypisto75 October 25, 2007

    ive seen this show, its called "Dr. 90210's bloopers"

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