Soccer's new star broken Spaghetti legs

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Greg J.
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Once they put this soccer players broken spaghetti leg back together he will be able to kick in any direction. They will attach a special prosthetic soccer foot that can swivel in any direction kinda like his real leg. Oh yah and that move he did to break the leg has a special name in soccer. It's called how to break your leg and look like an ass at the same time.

  • lickadslit October 26, 2007

    Well if your gonna whine moan and bitch about a little twist in your ankle you might as well go sit on the bench ...ya big pussy.

  • badger5 October 26, 2007

    a rugby player would run it off,.....

  • jomomma October 26, 2007

    the music in the background fixes everything.

  • thetruthbehere October 26, 2007

    That didn't hurt!

  • coltpale October 26, 2007

    goodbye soccer career hello telemarketing!

  • rush October 26, 2007

    I guess he can always work for the circus!

  • buttplugg October 26, 2007

    What a bunch of pansies..Just walk it off

  • traczyk October 26, 2007

    That fucking sucks.

  • hillbilly2001 October 26, 2007

    Look at the bright side. He won't be needing that right shoe. I'm callin dibs on that puppy.

  • godless1 October 26, 2007

    he was faking it, or at least playing it up for the red card, soccer pussies.

  • 95fordguy October 26, 2007

    eh ive seen better...

  • joecommonsense October 27, 2007

    i did that exact same move one time when you go for the ball and miss and you misjudge your balance on the foot and all the weight is on the foot and if it doesnt plant right, snap crackle pop. my ankle swelled like a grapefruit but non of that east west broke ankle shit, fuk that.

  • nightshift187 October 27, 2007

    i'm not even going to lie to you, I pray to god that never happens to me!

  • digitalechoz October 27, 2007

    Yeah, so do the rest of these behind the moniter comedians.

  • pablosdog October 28, 2007

    that background music makes me want to kill cute and fuzzy critters.

  • sckmesideways October 28, 2007

    i poop too much

  • joecommonsense October 29, 2007

    try not sticking magnets in your shoe next time

  • gunsnsandwchs October 29, 2007

    Thats why your a bench warmer

  • excessive January 1, 2008

    i'm fucking glad he got hurt, fuck him and fuck his physio i hope he make sit worse.

    He went in with a 2 footed challenge , the sort that can end careers, instead he received his comeuppance.


  • smkymcbngwtr September 29, 2008


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