Time to face the cement plant

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Greg J.
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Things got a little confusing in my BMX career after I bashed my head into the cement a couple times. I realized that no matter how many times I horribly faceplanted the ground I would still not be able to go through it. Something about the transfer of matter and the properties of physics. All that is sinner mumbo jumbo to me.

  • jomomma October 27, 2007

    1st...happy saturday my lovely fucktards!

  • russian17boy October 27, 2007

    nice very nice aaahhahaha

  • digitalechoz October 27, 2007

    Anybody that thinks they're too good to ride on our roads deserve to eat some of it.

  • 95fordguy October 27, 2007

    haha thats awesome

  • fatpizzaguy October 27, 2007

    its the white mush mouth

  • hiram October 27, 2007

    looks like digitalarseholz can't ride his toy bike

  • rush October 27, 2007

    hahahaha laugh at the poor little retarded kid falling off his bike..you should be all ashamed of yourselves.

  • pablosdog October 28, 2007

    I got a buddy who is a dentist and he is doing very nicely thanks to children like this one.

  • sckmesideways October 28, 2007

    he had his helmet on... to bad it didnt cover his face as he slammed the pavement

  • joecommonsense October 28, 2007

    thats one stupid epidemic right there, i bet his mom tried to sue gravity in court.

  • nightshift187 October 28, 2007

    I've got an $800 dollar Haro, doesn't mean I'm going to be faceplanting anytime soon, I keep that bitch on the ground. It gets me around.

  • peoplevshoople October 28, 2007

    MoM, This concrete tastes bland, can you get me some salt please ?

  • godless1 October 28, 2007

    so nice, I had to see it twice, and maybe one more time after that

  • rodgtard October 28, 2007

    nightshift187,can't you say hello for free?are you oriental?

  • hagusbenwa October 29, 2007

    He skipped a bit

  • gunsnsandwchs October 29, 2007

    now since he's been a bad boy mommy is washing his mouth with soap

  • eggsontoast November 3, 2007

    fuckin physics is a bitch

  • dean_wil74 November 5, 2007

    silly yank cunt

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