Shark Bites Man

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Greg J.
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This asshole decides to pull the shark on top of the boat when clearly by the result it is not a recommended idea. It seems like his friend even warned him not to pull the shark up. Next time he will listen and walk on the boat with a limp.

  • fatpizzaguy October 29, 2007

    du dom du dom du dom. ive come to eat your leg. told you so asshole

  • lickadslit October 29, 2007

    Cut the line that fucker is not getting in my boat.

  • gunsnsandwchs October 29, 2007

    of course the god damn shark is hungry u muthafuckas faked him out thinking hes getting a meal then bam fuckin hook in the mouth hahaha

  • 2indastink October 29, 2007

    fick i hate cunting mondays.....quick eat it before it eats thick fuck.

  • meatballsauce October 29, 2007

    It's a reson why those fuckers are in the water: they bite.

  • thetruthbehere October 29, 2007

    Got a wild one did he

  • jomomma October 29, 2007

    that's the best shit i've seen in a while - kharma is a bitch.

  • digitalechoz October 29, 2007


  • twistatoe October 29, 2007

    Pussy!! Walk it off.

  • deicide October 29, 2007


  • rush October 29, 2007

    ...what was Forest Gump thinking.."stupid is, has stupid does"!

  • godless1 October 29, 2007

    so the shark bit you....and you were surprised about that eh? Here is your Darwin Award.

  • coltpale October 29, 2007

    hahahaha stupid rich bastards

  • seanyboy October 29, 2007

    so much for hindsight.

  • d90girl October 29, 2007


  • czyshitshitter October 29, 2007

    he should have googled how to catch a shark

  • hatedogs October 29, 2007

    I absolutely love it when asshole hunter-gathers get mauled by the fucking animals they're trying in vain to outsmart. If only the shark had ripped off his applesack.

  • anoyherdayhear October 30, 2007

    Who would have ever thought that a tuna could have ever bitten someone so hard!

  • rodgtard October 30, 2007

    hatedogs,how else would you feed yourself,lay there with your mouth open?

  • joecommonsense October 30, 2007

    that was awesome, a beast tatoo.

  • ishitonyou October 30, 2007

    Its just a scratch pussy!!

  • sckmesideways October 30, 2007

    i'm gonna stick my thumb up his ass...ohhhh yehhh

    he's pissed off now

  • pablosdog October 30, 2007

    yes rodgtard, that is exactly how hatedogs feeds himself. lays there with his mouth open and waits for shit to fall in. stupid cunt whore.. applesack my ass, more like a peanut sack..

  • pulliniron October 30, 2007

    What an asshole

  • hatedogs October 30, 2007

    "rodgtard wrote:

    hatedogs,how else would you feed yourself,lay there with your mouth open?" I'd drop by the grocery store every now and then, you goddamn ignornant, tootheless sisterfucking son of a bitch. It's a matter of time 'till your shot dead by one of your asshole buddy hunter pukes. Fuck you.

  • cyberraven October 31, 2007

    Damn straight, i don't fuckin understand fishing big fish, there is no fuckin reason for it since you can't eat them because of the stuff in them.

  • pimpstatus6918 January 13, 2008

    lol he screams like a baby cuz hes a dumbass n tried to catcha shark for his mommy like look what i caught, i gto a free leg amputation from my best friend

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