Eating the mountain

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Greg J.
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And for my next stunt I am going to perform a little something called "Eating the Mountain". I drive my bike to the edge of a cliff and then ride straight down on my face. Hence "Eating the Mountain". Usually it's the only solid thing I eat for a couple months so I better make sure I enjoy it.

  • fatpizzaguy November 2, 2007

    he spit the dirt out!!!hahahahaha

  • lickadslit November 2, 2007

    Well of coarse he spit it out fatpizzaguy ..Don't you know a real biker never swallows

  • seanyboy November 2, 2007

    I know him his name is sandy....

  • rush November 2, 2007

    ...I should be alright going down this very steep hill with my little bike...No problem at all!

  • thetruthbehere November 2, 2007

    The real Sandman

  • skoal36 November 2, 2007

    cameraman has got skills, go apply to espn 8 or whatever the dorks watch

  • taylorjaytammy November 2, 2007

    lift some weights and try again panzy

  • godless1 November 2, 2007

    I think I saw his neck snap, huh huh, do it again.

  • snaggletooth November 2, 2007

    tuck and roll!!!! tuck and roll dipshit!!!!!! LMFAO

  • ramafistfadge November 2, 2007

    fookin stick to curbs and wheelies dipshit.....

  • pablosdog November 3, 2007

    good one shitlook.

  • evilgenius November 3, 2007

    got the trifecta there, crunched his nuts, major face plant and snapped his back. We'll be paying for his Depends diapers untill he dies of old age.

  • joecommonsense November 3, 2007

    plant some potato seeds right where his teeth dug up the dirt.

  • tudder November 3, 2007

    Hes gonna be eating "mountain" through a straw for months now..

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