Mining truck flattens land rover

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Greg J.
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Nothing spells Monster Truck like running over smaller cars with your huge oversized vehicles. One of those tires on that huge mining truck costs more than most regular cars. I would still get one though because then all the asshole SUV drivers on the road would think twice before cutting me off.

  • bobbitybobbity November 2, 2007


  • fatpizzaguy November 2, 2007

    youllnever be late to work again with that as your car

  • lickadslit November 2, 2007

    You feel a bump in the road.Na not really why?

  • seanyboy November 2, 2007

    Just dont let the tonka truck fall into the hands of the coffin dodgers or we'll all be doomed, doomed i tell ya....

  • thetruthbehere November 2, 2007

    I bet the Toyota Tocama won't get damage like we see in TV

  • jomomma November 2, 2007


  • benedryl November 2, 2007


  • skoal36 November 2, 2007

    by the power of grey skull

  • tookalook November 2, 2007

    rover kinda has that wile e. look on it after

  • photostabber November 2, 2007

    Like my monster?,That waz me!,Crushing your neighbor'z!

  • godless1 November 2, 2007

    no one was in the car, this sucks.

  • pablosdog November 2, 2007

    I guess it's ok to post this every year or year and a half. it's still good.

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