Badass Holden Manaro HK muscle car burnout

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Greg J.
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This dude does a burnout in his muscle car for so long he manages to blow out his tires. It's kinda hard to tell for the first minute or so because he is blowing smoke all over the race track but near the end you can see his tire sitting on the rim.

  • bobbitybobbity November 2, 2007

    I might as well just post SECOND!

  • fatpizzaguy November 2, 2007

    should have gotten firestone tires

  • st1d2db1 November 2, 2007

    muthafuckin maypop's!!!!

  • lickadslit November 2, 2007

    I guess that return spring really was needed on the throttle bad.

  • seanyboy November 2, 2007

    " Rivetting "

  • boppalilbit November 2, 2007

    Gas is what 3 buck a gallon?

  • jomomma November 2, 2007

    you should have posted FIRST bobbity. can i call you lickadslit's bitch yet?

  • thetruthbehere November 2, 2007

    Yup, and he wasted his tires and $20.00 on gas.

  • benedryl November 2, 2007

    I watched this for 3 min. to see a guy fuck up his tires... Keep it up crazyshit.

  • skoal36 November 2, 2007

    make the tires out of weed and charge all the stoners 100 bucks for seats

  • tookalook November 2, 2007

    And no fucking sound!

  • photostabber November 2, 2007

    Y'all like how I waste my money?That waz me douchdribble'z!

  • taylorjaytammy November 2, 2007


  • godless1 November 2, 2007

    that is someone who has enough money for me to severely hate him for no other legitimate reason. fucking cocksucker.

  • vpyrovetw November 2, 2007

    serves him right. He shouldve been tearing up the quarter mile instead of using such a beautiful machine to do shit you can do with any rear wheel drive car.

  • pablosdog November 2, 2007

    I like the morons that are just on the other side of that little berm. nothing like a foot wide piece of rubber moving at 80 or 100 mph to tear your face off.

  • carnutts4sure November 3, 2007

    "real" drag racers call guys like this FUCKING SQUIRRELS! This prooves nothing other than his stupidity level and judging from what side the steering wheel is on , I can see why !!!!

  • joecommonsense November 3, 2007

    that was me snapping pictures with the flash of the camera and I got some good picks of white smoke covering the whole entire event and its on my desk top background.

  • d90girl November 3, 2007

    shit....I could have done THAT in my Defender 90.

    Third low and boot it !!!!!!!!HAHAHAAH

  • tax379 November 3, 2007

    There's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get the fuck back.

  • shiznitshabam June 18, 2008

    aaaa......why is the steering wheel on the wrong side?

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