The week in CrazyShit!!!

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Greg J.
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It's that time of week again folks and not a moment too soon. The comments were exceptionally funny this week so kudos everyone on a job well done. Tell all your friends about how cool you are and how your comments made on this week's video. Then challenge them to do you one better!

  • skoal36 November 2, 2007

    damn fellas who is the dirty stripping? sweatpants allowed and truckers shower for free

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  • fatpizzaguy November 2, 2007

    yea you couldnt get you sister to go full out for 20 more bucks guys??? im getting banned

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  • jomomma November 2, 2007

    job well done fellas. pretty damn good week at crazyshit if you ask me. believe it or not, i actually look forward to all of you fucktards and your lame ass comments. have an extra shitty weekend ya all!

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  • godless1 November 2, 2007

    I can't wait till next week, one day a comment will make it to the week-in-review-bitches, and then glory will be mine.

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  • twistatoe November 2, 2007

    :lol: this was a great week in crazyshit!! Good shit greg and Jay..good shit. And she wasn't bad either!! No one realizes just how much they're discouraging me from sending mine in. Fuckers.

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  • thetruthbehere November 2, 2007

    Great job!!! day godless1. For even I was surprise mine got chosen a few times.

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  • anonwhocares November 2, 2007

    once again "as seen on this week in crazy shit"

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  • darkman78852 November 3, 2007

    i was getting a hardon when I heard y'all playing the new radiohead for the vid.

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  • seanyboy November 3, 2007


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  • atom November 4, 2007

    Good job guys!

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  • juggalo_4lyf November 4, 2007

    NOOOOOOO! i cant watch videos!!!! wtf! damn proxy sites!!!!!!!!!!!

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