Bowling rules that go without saying

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Greg J.
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Sometimes you see someone doing something that just looks inherently wrong. Like juggling bowling balls in a crowded bowling alley. You don't say anything because you figure they will eventually learn and then an innocent bystander gets hurt in the process. Next time prevent this by kicking that douchebag in the nuts before he harms anyone else.

  • moshh40 November 4, 2007

    What a JACKASS!!!

  • jomomma November 4, 2007

    stupid shit happens when that european beer starts kicking in.

  • fatpizzaguy November 4, 2007

    damn kid should have paid attention it was her turn. i blame the parents for not teaching her

  • godless1 November 4, 2007

    Hey watch this really cool trick I can do with three bowling balls, and a small child.

  • boppalilbit November 4, 2007

    That just made my day

  • culprite inc November 4, 2007

    omfg id kick that dude so fucking hard in the fucking jaw he never see next week

  • peoplevshoople November 4, 2007

    If that was a black kid it would have looked like 2 bowling balls colided....or Click clacks !!!

  • realmzzz November 4, 2007

    FAKE I think, I don't know why.. but not real.

  • slaytanic454 November 4, 2007

    Take that motherfucker outside and curbstomp him. Way to NOT go over and see if the kid's alright, douchebag.

  • anonwhocares November 4, 2007

    yeah, but you should see him juggle ny nuts

  • graveyard November 4, 2007

    Gee's people calm down, the kid got a strike anyways.

  • taylorjaytammy November 4, 2007

    I have a 5 yr old girl, I would have killed that motherfucker with that bowling ball if it was my kid

  • evilgenius November 4, 2007

    shame on the parents for not paying attention to the childs surroundings. THEN that gut would have a hard time getting that bowling ball out of his ass.

  • pancho_demo November 4, 2007

    She was like that when i found her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom004 November 5, 2007

    Tell that kid to suck it up and pick up the spare.

  • joecommonsense November 5, 2007

    those are the ones u wish to see try and bycicle down a flight of stairs at the speed of sound in front of women so they can look cool and end up landing on their head looking like an Anne doll thrown on the floor moaning for someone to wipe their ass for them in front of the camera and film close up shots of the foam coming out thier mouth.

  • realmzzz November 5, 2007

    WOW that was real, see it in slow-moo. Fuck If That was my kid, I would do the same shit to that fk. If he cant juggle, hes not do it when kids are around.

  • snaggletooth November 5, 2007

    he would die....slowly

  • lickadslit November 5, 2007

    nice shot!

  • big_jeffrey72 November 5, 2007


  • seanyboy November 5, 2007

    What a bowlhead!

  • rush November 5, 2007

    ..the 3-10 split on junior's head

  • coltpale November 5, 2007

    stupid motherfucker. hope the kid is alright

  • iblisthedfiant November 6, 2007

    damn, that got my adrenaline pumpin. ive got a 15 month old, if my wife was with me to help my daughter, i really would have fucked that guy up. that vid totally made me see red.

  • ruberneck November 6, 2007

    Bowling for children!

  • pablosdog November 6, 2007

    Jesus Christ! Everybody gets so upset about a little kid. That family probably has 5 more where that one came from. There's a kid factory on every fucking corner. "Oh! Oh! this video makes me mad cause I have a kid too!" ... give me a fucking break.

  • sexylea November 6, 2007

    ya dont go up till the two lanes beside you are clear and if that was my child id have beat the holy hell out of that man

  • curator134 November 13, 2007

    for fucks sake that was not real you stupid faggot yanks

  • rareranking January 24, 2009

    That was a perfect 10.0

  • dan1991 February 3, 2009

    i was hit it the head of lot as a child to many to list here...not joking, but here comes my joke.... That kids gunna have mental problems...And irrational fear of bowling balls

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