Shakin that ass electrically

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Greg J.
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Having the power to make a girls ass jiggle in the palm of your hand must be used wisely otherwise you might turn over to the darkside. Which involves pushing the button on the electrical shock device long enough to make her ass cramp up and never talk to you again.

  • bobbitybobbity November 5, 2007

    Woo woo. i'm number one!!!!

  • fatpizzaguy November 5, 2007

    i bet her asshole is nice and tight now

  • wackyman November 5, 2007

    very nice ass. way to go joey. though that is probably the only way he can make her scream

  • 2indastink November 5, 2007

    i still hate fucking mondays.

  • moshh40 November 5, 2007

    I think I would have a better idea than placing electodes on that ass.

  • lickadslit November 5, 2007

    why quite she didn't even shit yet?

  • taylorjaytammy November 5, 2007

    come on baby let me put em on your pussy lips

  • rush November 5, 2007

    ..instead of tapping that ass, what does he do, he taser her...hmmm faggot!

  • jomomma November 5, 2007

    im confused joey. you have the hottest ass sitting right in front of you, and all you want to do is a fucking science experiment with it? go try it on your gay lover shithead.

  • godless1 November 5, 2007

    she is willing to lay still for a surly painfull experience, I know she takes it in the ass. slut!

  • joecommonsense November 5, 2007

    if you had a broke leg and a sliced open finger, which one would bother you the most? turn it up and lube my cock, she'd have no idea my dick was in her ass.

  • scottfree November 5, 2007

    Please stop posting videos of my mom...

  • danw1 November 6, 2007

    "if you had a broke leg and a sliced open finger, which one would bother you the most? turn it up and lube my cock, she’d have no idea my dick was in her ass."

    I don't quite know how I'd feel about sticking the lightning rod into the storm, 50/50 chance for a win or loss...

  • seanyboy November 6, 2007

    last man!

  • sandman_732 November 6, 2007

    That's way her ass look's so nice, It must be a good workout !! Wonder if it works good on other places.

  • godless1 November 6, 2007

    ^^^no your not. I am

  • gophkyrslf November 7, 2007

    "DON'T TAZE ME, JOE!!!!!!!"

  • joecommonsense November 7, 2007

    well I'll tell you what, twice the orgasm power, u don't know but ill let you.

  • pablosdog November 8, 2007

    genius!! this kid came up with a sneaky way to get this girls pants off. she is open to any suggestions now.

  • bloodsponge November 10, 2007

    stop it joey!

  • thehoff May 27, 2008

    Nice caboose.

  • esekiller October 28, 2008

    id hit it

  • darkwestern November 7, 2008


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