Rubber legs don't fail me now

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Greg J.
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This kid winds up rolling his ankle about as far as you could without completely snapping it off. Amazing he makes the on the spot diagnosis of a broken leg. I wonder what led him to that conclusion? Must have been something to do with his inability to move it or try anymore douchebag tricks. What a shame.

  • lickadslit November 9, 2007

    I think I broke something...Well it sure wasn't any skateboarding records...and why call your mom ,ya think she can do any better?

  • big_jeffrey72 November 9, 2007

    first whores

  • sbj_kris November 9, 2007

    2 bitch's

  • iblisthedfiant November 9, 2007

    3rd motherfuckers

  • 95fordguy November 9, 2007

    4th and boo hoo walk it off lol

  • gophkyrslf November 9, 2007

    hey man, does this look like it's broken to you?

  • wackyman November 9, 2007


  • fatpizzaguy November 9, 2007

    roll roll roll your ankle violently on the pavement

    painfully painfully painfully smash your face in the concrete

  • taylorjaytammy November 9, 2007

    ^^ w/e. alright that wasnt shit it might hurt for 3 weeks but he'll b ok I jumped over a fire one time and did the same thing that little fucker did only i got up and walked of a little bit

  • jomomma November 9, 2007

    at least his jackass friend had enough sense to leave the camera in the right spot.

  • searedsoul November 9, 2007

    11th muda fawkers oh god my leg hurry and turn on the fish eye lens

  • godless1 November 9, 2007

    man up bitch, don't cry!

  • sckmesideways November 9, 2007

    take his wallet and give him something to cry about

  • scottfree November 10, 2007

    I see crawling to the bathroom in your future...

  • joecommonsense November 10, 2007

    that music was perfect, this sensless ball crushing, ankle busting, face smashing shit obviously isnt getting old, call my mom

  • busanut199 November 10, 2007

    Take that skate board off him & he be crying like a baby shamoan muther fucker.

  • yestrnight November 24, 2008

    fuckin gay the ppl who continue to be happy about being the first to post the vidieo is stupid aswell

  • blowsmoke April 14, 2011

    Kid never broke a bone and now he's happy he has... but I bet it was only a sprain.

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