The Week in CrazyShit!

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Greg J.
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It's your favorite time of week ladies and gentleman. No your other favorite time of the week. The week in CrazyShit! Comments were good as usual and it looks like we have a lot of new people joining in to say whats up. Make your shit funny so we can put it up next week. Until then... Later Bitches!

  • twistatoe November 9, 2007

    FIRST POST BITCHES!!!!!!!! I love you guys.

  • youngblood48 November 9, 2007

    i hate all you fuckers.....greg i didnt know you were white.....gurt you kill me....

  • fatpizzaguy November 9, 2007

    again as seen on the week in review!!

    i thought twistatoe was gonna grace us with her video???

  • n-word November 9, 2007


  • rush November 9, 2007

    ...where do I submit my resume. I can sleep anytime of the day!...Awesome work "Crazyshit"!


  • thetruthbehere November 9, 2007

    I bet you have the most awsome dreams.

  • gophkyrslf November 9, 2007

    jay if you can hear this PLEASE COME BACK the week in crazyshit sucks and greg is enjoying it!!!!!!

  • gophkyrslf November 9, 2007

    greg you need some good coke to battle that sleep problem. PS. the johnny knoxville shades rock!

  • scottfree November 10, 2007

    I envy you so.....

  • jomomma November 10, 2007

    load up the bong and try again my friend.

  • gurtman23 November 10, 2007

    Yeeeeeaah i made comment of the week, fuck i'm good and i'm not even trying. that beats typing FIRST! step it up bitchs you monkey raping sons of whores.

  • seanyboy November 10, 2007

    Yeah it shows yer lazy cunt

  • godless1 November 10, 2007

    well fuck now I really hate my job

  • dj_feenar November 12, 2007

    Haha, sweet..

  • honkey69 November 13, 2007

    urban nigger whats with the sunglasses do you think you casting for top gun. woops gotta go now and stick my cock back in your moma,s ass...

  • yestrnight November 24, 2008

    grandament and twista toe sucks cock 4 bus fare and walks home first

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