When great ideas go bad

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Greg J.
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Ever have one of those ideas that involved a lot of danger and a little payoff. You knew you would get hurt but you still wanted to try it anyways. Then after things got all fucked up you had this warm fuzzy feeling all over then realize it's blood.

  • 2indastink November 14, 2007

    WOW he must be fucking HUGE!!!!

  • scully07 November 14, 2007

    fuck him, hows the bike.

  • t_dog8 November 14, 2007

    Hopefully it knocked some since into him...

  • teamshowoff November 14, 2007


  • boppalilbit November 14, 2007

    this kids cousin was in a blue jeep trying to do a stunt not to far back

  • iblisthedfiant November 14, 2007

    another instance of "what the fuck did you think was gonna happen"

  • seanyboy November 14, 2007

    You didnt want to do it because falling off the bike wasn't worth the 20mph run up for the super suck, deep throat, blow job competition.

    Pussy hole!!!

  • spearchucker November 14, 2007

    Ha Ha Stupid faggots

  • jomomma November 14, 2007

    next time, build a little mini ramp and set it up on the edge of the grand canyon. much more amusing.

  • rush November 14, 2007

    ..Hmmm why does he have to ride into his friends cock like that..could he have not just asked for a blow job!

  • scottfree November 14, 2007

    This was supposed to be the intro for their first hom(e./o) movie.

  • sbj_kris November 14, 2007

    pussy stick a tampon on it and try-er again.

  • imstupid November 14, 2007

    Those people are huge!! I always heard that giants were real but never really seen any, let alone riding a motorcycle. Im surprised he didnt smash the pavement with his head instead of the other way around.??? I wonder if the motorcycle is ok?

  • afganja November 15, 2007


  • thetruthbehere November 15, 2007

    He should have tried a cat walk

  • sckmesideways November 15, 2007

    when ' keeping it real' goes retarded

  • dj_feenar November 15, 2007

    The one that jump got it pretty bad too..

  • skinafuckerrus November 15, 2007

    his friends should not have told him to get fucked.HE DID IT!!!

  • wackyman November 15, 2007


  • pablosdog November 16, 2007

    no helmet? organ donor. ... BTW if you can't spell sense, you shouldn't insult people for not having any "since" t-dog.

  • joecommonsense November 16, 2007

    what about the idiot that took the 30mph charlie horse to the main artery in his leg?

  • fyodos November 16, 2007

    staples are for pussies---that means it wasn't deep, or they would have given him stitches----what a pussy ass dork

  • yestrnight November 24, 2008

    thats mike the biker fuckin fat faggot

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