Another week of shit

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Greg J.
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This week was exceptionally shitty even for CrazyShit.  Fortunately that's a good thing!  Now all you have to do is keep commenting on this bullshit and one day CrazyShit will rule the earth.  Here's how:  Step 1.  Comment Step 2.  ............... Step 3.  World Domination! Proceed!

  • Jay D. November 16, 2007

    That was us in the beginning and the end fucking around las vegas. Last weekend. Ahh good times.

  • gottiku November 16, 2007

    CORAL vid's been awhile since I was on this site. It is good to see things are still wicked CORAL and stuff. BTW, it is good to finally see how Jay D look in real life...Awesome

  • thundermug November 16, 2007

    Dead Kennedys...great choice boys.

  • jomomma November 16, 2007

    excellent job fellas. now i see where all of my clicks send you fucktards - vegas baby! good choice on the comment of the week. happy weekend shitlicks!

  • thundermug November 16, 2007 sends Jay to the $.50 machine...ballin' outta control playa!!!!

  • fuckedinfresno November 17, 2007

    You guys should come to Fresno, there's all kinds of crazyshit here.

  • thetruthbehere November 17, 2007

    Good week..good week

  • juggalo_4lyf November 17, 2007

    that was some crazyshit!

  • teamshowoff November 19, 2007

    that was one krazy week oh yea white power , and if you guys do come to fresno the best hookers are on belmont oh yea. and watch out for the bulldoggs cause they will kill yo ass

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