Little too much on the gas

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Greg J.
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You know this guy is fucked in the first three seconds when his car starts to wobble before he hits the ramp. That jump is so long he probably wouldn't of made it no matter how he jumped. At least he made this entertaining video in the process.

  • cockyass November 22, 2007


  • nancyspungen November 22, 2007

    "oh!" what the fuck was supposed to happen?

  • geargrinder65 November 22, 2007

    Damn women drivers!!!!

  • scottfree November 22, 2007

    Looks good!!

  • tupapichulo November 22, 2007


  • taylorjaytammy November 22, 2007


  • seanyboy November 22, 2007

    What happens when you apply lipstick while you are driving ya trannie..

  • hatedogs November 22, 2007

    That evening started off with every Texas redneck trailer asshole for 26 miles around jumping off his General Motors piece of shit so as to drive over to the shitkicking car show where some fucking dropout retard in a filthy leather suit drives his Monte Carload into something nearly as rusty. The rate at which they arrive is a direct derivitive of how many Wal*Mart jumpercables the particular trailer park has as a whole. Shit on you, fucker, for reading this far. Shit on everybody who reads this.

  • godless1 November 22, 2007

    watch natural selection take place before your eyes, I hope that cockbrain died on impact.

  • 420mando November 22, 2007

    good news is he cured his hemorroid problem

  • fuckedinfresno November 22, 2007

    Hatedogs, a lot you know you ignorant fuck, no Texas redneck trailer asshole would be caught DEAD in a Chebby. We all drive Fords, now, get that shit right next time.

  • busanut199 November 23, 2007

    At least he launched the 1st car...

  • snaggletooth November 24, 2007


  • gophkyrslf November 24, 2007

    i gotta 9 second camaro that'll eat any of your faggot fords. put pinks on it...

  • gophkyrslf November 24, 2007

    ...then i'll give your ford to a homeless man to squander in.

  • mustang_gurl December 5, 2007

    hahaha He'll b feelin that 4 the next few weeks.

    Luv the song..METALLICA ROX!

    Hey gophkyrslf...

    Y dont ya do wat ya name suggests & GO FUK YASELF!?

    FORDS KIK ASS!!!!!!!!!!

    Eat shit fukr!

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