Good samaritan bad driver

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Greg J.
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If you ever see someone on the side of the road and decide to help you need to do two things. Get the hell away from your car and look around to make sure no one is gonna hit you. Either that or you could just stay in your car, keep driving, and not have to worry about shit.

  • psyrat November 26, 2007


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  • sleeko November 26, 2007

    Opps! I hate that , when that happens.

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  • seanyboy November 26, 2007

    She stopped to ask for directions... tut tut women drivers again!

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  •   big_daddy305 November 26, 2007

    Shit.. my daughter gets car sick all the time..and I have to pull over all the time for her to throw up.. it's a good thing I always pull off onto some grass.. away from the emergency lanes.. fuck that..

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  • boppalilbit November 26, 2007

    lmao oops I dropped my fourty oz. and bent to grab it and I heard this loud noise

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  • peoplevshoople November 26, 2007

    hope the 3rd car has accident forgivness

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  • godless1 November 26, 2007

    I once got into an accident and pulled over on the highway to get info, and watch four other fender benders from people watching us.

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  • magnumjack November 27, 2007

    youd like that wouldnt you

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  • pablosdog November 27, 2007

    crazy fuckers

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  • taylorjaytammy November 27, 2007

    rules to follow after getting involved in shit like this. 1.Do NOT get out of your vehicle.2.Do NOT Help another motorist that has been in an accident.3.Get it on video

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  • joecommonsense November 27, 2007

    i wish all women on their cell phones would smash into things so it could be an awareness issue.

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  • busted November 27, 2007

    i do believe that "good samaritan" has shit in his pants.

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  • mike8putang November 27, 2007

    this is wht happens when ur getting road head...

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  • mustang_gurl December 5, 2007

    That fukd up his day.lmfao

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