The flaming fingers

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Greg J.
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This is one of those ideas that you have and instantly think it's the coolest thing ever. Then you actually go through with it and your hands burn for the next five to ten hours. That's when regret sets in and it's not pretty.

  • lickadslit November 30, 2007

    FLAMING FINGERS....fuck flaming fagotts.

  • cockyass November 30, 2007


  • dirtygirl November 30, 2007


  • magnumjack November 30, 2007

    what a flaming fuck

  • jomomma November 30, 2007

    these are the type of turds that i used to take lunch money from.

  • taylorjaytammy November 30, 2007

    looks like the army is teaching soldiers how to be stupid asses, no wonder we are getting our ass handed to us in Iraq

  • sleeko November 30, 2007

    Bored soilders. Go kill those fucktards, with the sword, in the previous vid.

  • guyschips1 November 30, 2007


  • boppalilbit November 30, 2007

    looks like the dont ask dont tell policy is really working good

  • islandbud November 30, 2007

    You cant come out , go in and come out the Closet! Once a Flamer always a Flamer!!

  • ramafistfadge November 30, 2007

    well done you look like a twat!

  • psyrat December 2, 2007

    the music is SHIT

  • theblackspots December 3, 2007

    Wow your hands are on fire

  • sydfloyd December 15, 2007


  • friskydingo December 21, 2007

    His hands caught on fire because he just gone done doing everyone's hair.

  • habman January 16, 2008 you know who you are ..all fuckin retarded FAGS..all americans kiss ass!..and as far as im concerned, You fuckers can Lick the cocks of the ARABS,,your BUSH is what you lick. now lay down and duie CUNTS of America! CANADIAN..and i hope we bring more arabs here to kick your ass!

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