What the hell are we fighting for?

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This video makes me mad because we should have never gone to that dirt pile of a country in the first place. The United States freedom has nothing to do with Iraq and the whole ordeal was pointless. So next time you hear someone clamoring to "Bomb Some Ragheads!" watch this video and remember if we just left that stupid country the fuck alone good Americans wouldn't have to die defending other people's oil.

  • gophkyrslf December 2, 2007

    first peanuts

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  • fatpizzaguy December 2, 2007

    yea fuck bush its time for a good sniper to start shooting

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  • gilium December 2, 2007

    i dont think we as people should be over there, but instead remote controlled planes should drop the biggest non-nuclear concussion bombs and level the place... any hippies who disagree should be locked in a room with their eyelids stapled open to watch beheading videos for 72 hours.

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  •   rodgtard December 2, 2007

    ^^^^^^^^^and listen to REMcd's till they beg to be shot

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  • rush December 2, 2007

    ...can you imagine what they use to kill 4 people!

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  • taylorjaytammy December 2, 2007


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  • jomomma December 2, 2007

    fuck a duck.

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  • boppalilbit December 2, 2007

    Cheech and Chongs up in smoke of the millenia

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  • drtyrell December 2, 2007

    Here's how the world works chief. Since 1913, America has been sucking the tit of the world banks through the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). The FRB is a private for profit bank owned by world banks that create wars and force us to loan money at interest from them to fight them. Corporations are rewarded to go along with the program by being given advance notice and a business model. The Middle East is the one last civilized area of the world that needs to be tamed, raped, and dominated by the world banks (something that isn't true as of today). We are there to destroy their constitution, install one written by the world banks, and as a reward, we give oil to America (for doing the dirty work), and weapons contracts to the various companies who help make it happen. For a blue print, read The Grand Chessboad by Zbigniew Brezinski.

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  • sleeko December 2, 2007

    ^^^Well said!^^^ But, let us all remember, that the enemies of freedom, have one thing in common...OIL!!! The sooner we get used to paying more, for alternative fuels, and stop buying their oily dope, the sooner they go back to sucking camel cock.

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  • culprite inc December 2, 2007

    and for his next trick he will make a tank vanish

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  • tookalook December 2, 2007

    Fucken eh! sounds like peoples eyes are getting a little wider in here, VOTE RON PAUL.

    check it out PrisonPlanet

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  • seanyboy December 2, 2007

    Freedom and oil, fuck dat...!

    World trade centre seven?

    How the fuck did that fall down?

    You're the ones in the US allowing this shit to go on by youre own fucking goverment and here in the UK theyre trying to fuck us over now....


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  • hiram December 2, 2007

    lets face it...you gotta be thick as fuck to join us army...and dont give me that shite about the american dream either...the american dream starts in a body bag, thats when youre at fuckin peace...sean and drtyrell...i hear ya

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  • psyrat December 2, 2007

    pull out! they WILL kill eachother!

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  • hatedogs December 2, 2007

    " For a blue print, read The Grand Chessboad by Zbigniew Brezinski." Can ya'll imagine that this fucking kook isn't in jail? He's a walking case for the wisdom of torture.

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  • joecommonsense December 2, 2007

    oil is produced naturally like rain water, its probably the equivalent of the oceans. Hydrogen is the main molecule, low pressure produces water, high pressure produces oil. Some day oil will be man made once they figure it out. In fact the water could be turned into oil by falling soemwhere below the earths surface where the heat of magmau breaks apart the O2 bond leaving hydrogen to bond with something easily at that pressure and temp. But thats just one of those silly theories that you lock away in a cave to let die.

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  • theblackspots December 3, 2007


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  • unreal3 December 3, 2007

    pfff now thats unreal


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  • skinafuckerrus December 3, 2007

    bush did it,i have proof.

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  • carnutts4sure December 3, 2007

    You ignorant motherfuckers just don't get it do you ? Lives have been lost of all Nationalities for decades to protect the very freedom that you are experiencing right fucking now by being able to sit at your homes in comfort tp type your words of wisdom ! What part of it taking way more people in Govt. than George W. Bush alone to send our troops over there do you ignorant bastards not understand ? All I hear is BUSH, BUSH, BUSH and you fuckers don't have a damned clue ! And FUCK THE UK ! Get off this fucking AMERICAN based website if you don't like it BITCH !

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  • tookalook December 4, 2007

    ^^^^^ the other people you refer to must be the Royals, Queen Beatrix, Rockafellers, Vanderbuilts,and major corporations, these are the fuckers that soldiers and innocent civilians are dying for, they don't give a fuck about you and me as long as their getting richer and their lust for dominating mankind is being satisfied, Bush, his administration and even the Democrats are all well payed puppets for the global elite, and you forgot to say fuck Isreal, all factors considered they stood to gain the most from 911.

    Instead of me ranting people need to check this shit out PrisonPlanet

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  • hatedogs December 4, 2007

    "All I hear is BUSH, BUSH, BUSH and you fuckers don’t have a damned clue ! And FUCK THE UK ! Get off this fucking AMERICAN based website if you don’t like it BITCH !" If you're looking for something intelligent from an American, you'll have to look well beyond this toothless trailer trash texan whose sole claim to notariety is a flock of Camaros long ago committed to chicken coups. One thing Texicans share with Islamic Goat fuckers: they need better spokesmen.

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  • crocfuckmee December 12, 2007

    your right m8.now weve stirred up this hornets nest,well be fightin these fucking lunatics into the next millenium.At least saddam kept the sand happy fuckers under control.now we Have to kill every sandmonkey in existance,cause theyll sure as fuck do it to us "unbelievers".rabid dogs belong on a leash.why did we let em off!!?

    PS.THE SOLDIERS ARE DOING US PROUD.I just dont wanna see any more of em killed.

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  • patriot December 28, 2008

    that is fucking hilarious. Eat shit you fucking crackers.

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  • patriot December 28, 2008

    Did you see that fucker's body bounce off the light pole??????? That's the good stuff!

    AL-Qaeda - FUCK YEAH! Commin' to save the mother-fuckin' day-a!

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  • blowsmoke January 2, 2011

    yeah and the same hippies should look you in a room and show to you what is done to them... Ignorant one sided narrow minded redneck prick!

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