Keep your eyes on the prisoner

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Greg J.
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Just when you thought the guy was restrained with cuff behind his back he dislocates his shoulders and shanks your in the neck. This prisoner is very talented unfortunately there is not much money in the breaking out of handcuffs business.

  • judasz December 3, 2007

    Dislocate your shoulders thats all.

  • debie December 3, 2007

    bubba likes that bitch

  • jomomma December 3, 2007

    talk about a career criminal.

  • rush December 3, 2007

    there going to love him in the showers!!

  • sleeko December 3, 2007

    And, for his next trick...He gives himself a blow job.

  • gunsrgood December 3, 2007

    he wouldn't have been able to do that if they would have just hung him in the first place. The guys obviously been in jail/prison before and apparently likes it enough to perform for his buddies.

  • jtbrndead December 3, 2007

    That talent is going to be meaningless to him when he's tossing Pookie's salad with a packet of grape jelly.

  • 4kinghell December 3, 2007

    Wow! I would really like to learn how to do that - in the same way I would like to learn to smash my bollocks up with a claw hammer - I wouldn't

  • seanyboy December 3, 2007

    " I just wanna get out and work on a travelling freak show " - Arther Ritus - Triple jointer

  • hatedogs December 3, 2007

    He's a goddamn turd and so are you, you fackwad sonofabitch.

  • magnumjack December 3, 2007

    just put some handcuffs on his ankles

  • joecommonsense December 4, 2007

    these are the ones you accidently see in porn scenes sucking their own does this guy train crimminals or is he just a circuis?

  • hagusbenwa December 4, 2007

    Our law enforcement at its best, again. Hey lets watch that little dude with the hand cuff trick again, what go catch more law breakers.....why?

  • lickadslit December 4, 2007

    Fuck I would have just waited and let the cop unlock em behind my back no need of making it easy for him.

  • islandbud December 4, 2007

    i think he was a Skater once, must have broke them arms 3 times each no doubt.

  • commoneagle December 5, 2007

    hey dude thanks for the show here's my desert... what the hell have my main dish too...

  • alybaly13 December 8, 2007

    Dat ain't shit my legs can do that! hahahaha

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