Let the bodies pile up on the floor

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Greg J.
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After a while you see so many people dead that it's not such a big deal even when it's a pile of them. All I wanna know is how fucked in the head do you have to be to actually participate in something like this and not see that it's wrong.

  • fatpizzaguy December 8, 2007

    damn looks like alah akbar family reunion

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  • peoplevshoople December 8, 2007

    First bitches!!!

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  • suntour December 8, 2007

    Just apply a little bleach and throw it in the washer...LLTBH

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  • taylorjaytammy December 8, 2007

    somebody please get that man some high resolution cameras so we sick motherfuckers that want to see dead people can see it clearly

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  • lickadslit December 8, 2007

    Thats what happens when you suddenly reverse directions on the circle jerk and every body is not ready.

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  • skinafuckerrus December 8, 2007

    the st.muhammed massacre.

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  • jp5er December 8, 2007

    I guess they do so much of it that they are numb to right or wrong of executing people. What I do notice is that all of them always hide their faces with a rag wrapped around it when they kill people. That's to keep from being identified and they are not even brave enough to let their victims see their face.

    I think everyone should be made to watch these decapitation and execution videos so they really get an understanding of why the military needs to track down these muslim bastards all over the world and kill 'em!

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  • ikill December 8, 2007

    its like an orgy of death

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  • seanyboy December 8, 2007

    It wouldnt be so bad but you can fit 8 paki's in a car so you can fill a 10 seater minibus with 24 of the fuckers...

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  • hatedogs December 8, 2007

    While George W. Bush's war stalls miserably in infamy, you do begin to wonder just how many goddamn goat fuckers there are overthere. Between our boys' vaporizing 'em with their high-tech shit; With the rival goat fucker tribes slaughtering each other in the name of Allah, and with a fair number of 'em blowing themself into potted meat, you got to imagine they're running a bit low . . .

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  • bonebreaker17 December 8, 2007

    -gasps- suicied!

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  • joecommonsense December 9, 2007

    how does that civilization even reach adulthood?

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  • redtounge December 9, 2007

    the white troops don't stand a chance over in Iraq I guess there brave lol!!!

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  • godless1 December 9, 2007

    oh good, they finally released the aftermath footage of the Omaha mall shooting.

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  • boppalilbit December 9, 2007

    when are these people going to figure out that nobody cares when they kill their own????

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  • theblackspots December 11, 2007

    peeps got fucked up

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  • jtbrndead December 11, 2007

    jeez. Did they have to block the fucking sidewalk?

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