When the smoke clears

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Greg J.
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When the smoke clears there ain't gonna be much left. It still sucks though because no matter where you turn it could be your last moment. That's why you gotta keep your head down and keep shooting at the brown people with guns.

  • baddasspimp December 12, 2007

    Ruined HIS birthday?

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  • rush December 12, 2007

    ...more of that, less time over there!

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  • jomomma December 12, 2007

    and who says that are boys aren't having a good time blowing up towel heads?

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  • lickadslit December 12, 2007

    Hey you fuckers in the building you might want to place your head firmly in between your legs...and kiss your ass goodbye.

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  • imstupid December 12, 2007

    Alan Ahkbar is not going to be happy with that......good times, good times...

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  • godless1 December 12, 2007

    I heard on good authority that every time a soldier laughs, a sand monkey is blown to shit.....or is it the other way around?

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  • crocfuckmee December 12, 2007

    Not enough planes, not enough bombs.In Dresden we killed 100,000 civilians and 2 corporals on RandR.I wont even mention them 2 places in Japan! Thats What It Takes To Win A War!The suits should stop Fucking Around and either get our people out or support them properly by blowing the place to hell.

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  • jtbrndead December 13, 2007

    Rock n Fuckin Roll. Bout time we saw a video of those cocksuckers getting blown up. It's a pleasant change from the terrorist videos.

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  • wolffree December 14, 2007

    keep laughing stupid.... your woman enjoys with another one...jijiji

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  • 4kinghell December 14, 2007

    shoulda used an a-bomb, that woulda solved all the problems in that city

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  • knowledge December 21, 2007

    Racist Motherfuckers... All of u are ignorant pieces of shit, worthless assholes who don't have any KNOWLEDGE

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  • ratjew January 14, 2009

    Quit wastin time just nuke all the fuckers over there already, turn the sand to glass, and take the oil

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