Slight Miscalculation

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Greg J.
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What this guy didn't realize was you have to apply equal power forward as well as upward. Otherwise you end up staring at the sky and admiring it's beauty for a few seconds before you come crashing down to earth.

  • lickadslit December 14, 2007

    If that poor fuckers nuts didn't go ahead and drop then ...They never will.

  • skinafuckerrus December 14, 2007

    saying that fucking hurts would be an understatement.

  • 4kinghell December 14, 2007

    your mums a bike

  • scottfree December 14, 2007


  • dickmcshit December 14, 2007

    that's why I stick with snowboarding, landing in a pile of snow is a lot less painful

  • buttplugg December 14, 2007

    Ha Ha

  • godless1 December 14, 2007

    how many times does he go by just thinking about it, thinking always fucks things up, just do it and if you live, you win.

  • boneyak December 14, 2007

    Looked like slo mo. Get the fuck up and try again. I've done alot worse than that on a motorcycle at about 60mph. Got up and kept on going

  • culprite inc December 14, 2007

    those are for dirt bikes dumb ass or at least bmx's get your mothers hooppty out here and that mountain bike to

  • evilgenius December 15, 2007


  • schinigamii December 15, 2007

    yea, but the problem with snowboarding is, when you fall you don't always fall in snow; ice doesn't feel too good...^_^

  • jp5er December 17, 2007

    Those were the knarlyest dirt ramps I've ever seen!

  • d90girl December 20, 2007

    get a real bike..pussy

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