Santa's song

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Having to do all your work in one day for little or no pay can get hard after a while. People tend to get on edge and do things they normally wouldn't. That's why if you see Santa Claus remember to treat him well because he is in a very fragile state this time of year and might snap at any moment.

  • nightman December 21, 2007

    umm first u fucks

  • jomomma December 21, 2007

    ho, ho, ho bitches. merry christmas.

  • ikill December 21, 2007

    you cant spell satan without santa

  • lickadslit December 21, 2007

    The fat bastard won't get me I have one of those vent free heaters! ..No chimney ass kicking

  • spearchucker December 21, 2007

    Bring it on you fat ass bastard !!!

  • ramafistfadge December 21, 2007

    eeee...i cant wait!!!!

  • crocfuckmee December 21, 2007

    My kids are very apprehensive about santa-wont go near him.Ill give em a look at this in a couple of years to show their suspicions were warranted.

  • snaggletooth December 21, 2007


  • onlinepredator December 21, 2007

    I fell bad for the person who compiled this video. bring on the asian scat.

  • rush December 21, 2007

    Santy Claus gone wild!

  • 4kinghell December 22, 2007

    That made me feel all christmassy and warm on the inside

  • dj_feenar December 22, 2007

    I see how he can do Christmas in one day..

  • up-yours December 25, 2007

    I want what he's been smokin'

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