What's that tapping on the rooftop?

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Greg J.
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Is it good old saint nick? Wait no it isn't. It's just another one of those idiot skateboarders trying to prove Isaac Newton wrong again. Eventually they will figure out they are wrong but they always forget due to the massive head trauma.

  • boneyak December 25, 2007

    Seen one dumbass seen them all. Show us yer stiches and your cast next time

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  • skinafuckerrus December 25, 2007

    i left my nuts in El Segundo.

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  • bigstick December 25, 2007

    ^Thats not a "shed" its the diningroom!^

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  • d90girl December 25, 2007


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  •   big_daddy305 December 25, 2007

    I can never get enough of this shit. It's the same injuries over and over again, but the reactions are different a lot of the time, so THAT'S what I look for. . . The screaming bitch. The "tough-guy" that cries to mommy. . . or the real bad asses that look at their shit and say "fuck. I broke my leg." all calm like. . .

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  • 2indastink December 25, 2007

    i'll beat him with his own fucking shoes..........the honkey FUCK.

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  • godless1 December 25, 2007

    catholics don't believe in gravity.

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  • nitr0s December 25, 2007

    ^^haha yea i used to skateboard i was never stupid enough do try sumfin like that but i did have my fair share of injuries .. broken arm(and that didnt hurt till i got to the er but by then i was on sum good drugs so i didnt really care about the pain) nerve damage in my right knee hyper extended my left knee fractured my skull and the most bad ass injusy ever....i broke my toe kicking my skateboard because i was pissed off cuz kept screwing up on a simple nose slide....fuckin bullshit that was...

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  • oreeceo December 25, 2007

    pfff, get up !!!

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  • ikill December 26, 2007

    nothin a few beers and some hydrogen peroxide cant fix

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  • lickadslit December 26, 2007

    Put that fuckers brain in a bird and it will fly back wards.

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  • gunsrgood December 26, 2007

    It's not saint nick...It's hop-a-long Nick now!!

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  • kristal420 December 27, 2007

    haha well he did just step off. lol wtf

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  • gophkyrslf December 27, 2007

    licky said: Put that fuckers brain in a bird and it will fly back wards.

    thats fuckin' funny right there.

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