An honorable death

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Unlike American cultures, where honor is something you pretend to have while devising a plan to destroy your opponent, Japanese cultures value it above all else. That's why it's puzzling you would have so much turd eating weirdness in a country full of conservative stiffs.

  • lickadslit December 26, 2007

    It's just a damned shame he forgot to take the triple ripple vibrating butt plug out of his ass before he died .What will his poor mother think....whenever she gets done eating shit.

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  • nokillingme December 26, 2007

    1st hahahahaha

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  • bigstick December 26, 2007

    Wheres the turd?

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  • 2indastink December 26, 2007

    i can't believe i just wasted 2:57 minutes of my life watching that fucking pile of shit cheers.

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  • rush December 26, 2007

    Shit!!..that was 2.56 too long!

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  • sleeko December 26, 2007

    Along way to go, for zip...

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  • bigjim December 26, 2007

    Why are you wasting our time? That was crap.

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  • crocfuckmee December 26, 2007

    I deserve my cock sucked by Godzillas sister for sitting through that

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  • boneyak December 26, 2007

    I didn't get it either. NEXT

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  • imstupid December 26, 2007

    Bullshit...that was fake ...why didnt the cameraman intervene and do something ???? I mean really that was fake I'm pretty sure....

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  • godless1 December 27, 2007

    it's a good thing I am a happy drunk, or else I would be pissed about watching this worthless piece of shit for a video.

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  • havanutha December 27, 2007

    What about the people on the street that get hit in the head by pudding and a hamster. A HAMSTER! Try telling your friends that story.

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  • ramafistfadge December 27, 2007

    thank god i;d started reading your comments i nearly started watching that!!!!!!!

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  • skinafuckerrus December 27, 2007

    the value of that video is equivalent to the value of a rat turd.

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  • onlinepredator December 28, 2007

    CSI is fuckin weird now

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  • jowsta December 29, 2007

    Fuck, this shits simple to figure out. Dudes dying, right? Well, what the fuck happens when you die? People, probably some of which you don't know, go through your shit. If your going to die a gangster, or gangsta (as some of you young folk call it), might as well die without a lot of non-gangster shit in your house. A dirty mag? Gangsters get to much pussy to have to rely on that shit. As far as the gerbal and the pudding, you figure it out. The punchline is that he forgot about the stupid shit on the ceiling...

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  • english666 May 26, 2009


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