The shittiest show on earth

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After all the rave reviews we have received on our new addition to the site, ''The Daily Shit'', we have decided to make it a permanent feature. So sit back and relax because you about to get shit on.

  • twistatoe January 10, 2008

    Is that a black shephard?!?! My parents used to breed them, the best, most loyal dogs we ever had!

    Great shit today guys, getting better! You better have a good radio show tonight ;)

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  • ramafistfadge January 10, 2008

    nice 2 see you got another trailer.erm about everything else you were talkin about? sorry but i slipped into a coma for a second.......go figure?

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  • gurtman23 January 10, 2008

    some funny shit getting funnier, good job :^)

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  • culprite inc January 10, 2008

    i didnt know the mark of the beast was russel stofer lmao

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  • gophkyrslf January 10, 2008

    actually pretty fuckin' entertaining.

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  • skinafuckerrus January 10, 2008

    i wanna cut my hand off so i can stump the chicks to death.

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  • boneyak January 10, 2008

    Wow! 2 daily shits in one day? Of course I've thought I was done shitting before wiped my ass, stood up only to feel another turd coming again. So as long as you keep shitting I'll keep watching

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  • ouch January 10, 2008

    you guys went to the same acting school as half the fucked up video makers who send their shit in here. I Love it. Never get comfortable in front of the camera, it will only fuck it up. Good job from the land down under

    regards OUCH!

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  • havanutha January 10, 2008

    (Interior, crocodile, alligator... I drive a chevrolet movie theater) Great radio show clowns. Obama was a funny mofo.

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  • godless1 January 11, 2008

    no shit yet, but I farted, a sign of crazy shit to come?

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  • pandochka January 11, 2008

    Props for the scene from Evil Dead 2. Now I'll flick my bean to the thought of Bruce Campbell cutting his hand off and banging me with the stump. GOOD TIMES!

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  • dickmcshit January 11, 2008

    EVIL DEAD! crazy shit fucking rules

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  • rush January 11, 2008

    what station do I find you guys!

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  • dazzza January 11, 2008

    jay your dog looks stoned man,,, open a window,,,

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  • shaknhatersoff January 11, 2008


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  • rudey January 15, 2008

    Aww i was hoping he was gonna eat his dogs shit asian style dong fang...

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