Ice capade chin music

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If you ever decide to go ice skating remember one cool hard fact. The ice is not your friend. Imagine it to be concrete with cold invisible razor blades sticking out of it. If you take a spill like this you better make sure your health insurance is up to date.

  • knucklefux January 15, 2008


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  • lickadslit January 15, 2008

    But he did it with such grace and style

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  • rush January 15, 2008 son, I am going to pull down your pants, just relax now!

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  • peoplevshoople January 15, 2008

    thats gonna leave a mark

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  • sleeko January 15, 2008

    When he's not ice skating, he rides a skateboard.

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  • rudey January 15, 2008

    Wow another extreme sport pro, i give the face grind a cool 10/10!

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  • unthuged January 15, 2008

    Honkeys on Ice..The Musical!

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  • skinafuckerrus January 15, 2008

    he has a mouth full of shaved ice,just pour syrup in his mouth.its the new rave.

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  • ramafistfadge January 15, 2008

    eeewwwwww,fat lady touchin im up!!! sick bitch..

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  • boneyak January 15, 2008

    Why do they have to cut it off before we get to see the damage? He was going for that hockey player look

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  • commoneagle January 15, 2008

    Oh, now I feel a rant coming on.... don't read this if you are a prick or high and mighty!!! Mr. laugh-ass hole needs to have a taste of ice himself... what the fuck is with humans who think shit like that is funny. The first fucking response should be anything but to laugh at some one who so obviously was hurt badly. life is not three stooges and for good people such reality isn't a bit funny... when it boils down to it a great many humans are cruel as hell and belong there.... if you are an instant asshole whose first reaction to a fellow human being hurt is to laugh you don't deserve this life and the human race would be better off without your kind. there are so many mean spirited humans that it is sad and sick.... hum it would be nice if all you clowns who think it is funny to see others getting hurt were gone or never born there would be no over population problems as we now have. It is one thing to be amused by watching an accident but it is an entirely different matter think it is funny. especially if it is ones spontaneous reaction then it is truly sick.

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  • 4kinghell January 15, 2008

    I find this video, and all other videos depicting people hurting them selves, extremely funny.

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  • bigstick January 15, 2008

    I thought he did it to make us laugh?

    Im sure he did.

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  • godless1 January 15, 2008

    I did that once playing hockey, split my chin open and kept playing, I, of all the evil as hell people have earned the right to laugh boisterously at this fellow inductee into the klutz's hall of fame.

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  • hellbent87 January 15, 2008

    hey commoneagle! if that isnt funny to u then, your on tha wrong website!

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  • curlyturd January 16, 2008

    how bout a close up at the end?...oh and common eagle, get the fuck over yourself.

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  • seanyboy January 16, 2008

    stamp on his nads!

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  • azsunrise53 January 20, 2008

    thats what my mom would do start laughing until she realizes I am half dead lol

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  • tastyscabs November 10, 2009


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