Wrestler backflips to victory

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Greg J.
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Normally when you are watching two guys wrestle in tights it's either superhero's or gay guys with a weird fetish. Then there is the high school wrestling team. No less gay just some added kids who couldn't play any other sport besides man hugging.

  • peoplevshoople January 18, 2008

    First biotchess

  • pellit January 18, 2008


  • mdlovin January 18, 2008


  • lickadslit January 18, 2008

    They laughed when I took the Ballet class...I showed them

  • havanutha January 18, 2008

    You can dress up a pig, but it's still a pig. This is still wrestling.

  • skinafuckerrus January 18, 2008

    his daddy taught him that on a twin mattress.

  • first1shit January 18, 2008

    see what happins when you fight spiderman

  • 4kinghell January 18, 2008

    and then Hulk Hogan comes in the ring and gets his cock out. Every wrestling fans dream......GAY!

  • boneyak January 18, 2008

    That was a badass move. I could never play that game tho. Besides the gay spandex shit ya gotta wear. As soon as ya get in the right position, Your opponent farts in your face. Fuck that!

  • godless1 January 18, 2008

    high school wrestling is gay right up to the point where your opponent breaks your arm with a move that puts your head in your own ass.

  • truckingman January 18, 2008


    Sincerely, Robert Hallock

    the truckingman.

  • ramafistfadge January 18, 2008

    ufc has come a long way..?

  • pandochka January 18, 2008

    The soft muffle of a wrestler with a crushed face...that's what life is all about.

  • boxmaster January 19, 2008

    I love it when pussies that know nothing about wrestling or fighting try to talk tough while writing a caption for a skilled wrestler's victory that could kick the snot out of them. Wrestling kicks ass and coming from me, the world's biggest homophobe that means alot. Of course I'm a damn good wrestler and kicked many asses

  • snaggletooth January 19, 2008

    ^^^ and have had many balls in yer face!!

  • peoplevshoople January 19, 2008

    boxmaster , pay snagfag no mind. We are calling around to zoo's to find out which one he ecaped from!!

  • d90girl January 19, 2008

    ok, I know this is gay and all, but it's still a kickass move, though....

  • silentstrikes January 19, 2008

    irl fannyninja! go fight buttpirates!

  • salvatrucho February 12, 2010


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